Dealing with rosacea

Dermatologists offer these tips to help patients with rosacea skin care:

  1. Wash your face two times a day, very gently. Dermatologists say that patients with rosacea don’t always wash their rosacea-prone face enough. It’s natural to feel irritated if you have rosacea.
    Cleaning your face before bed and when you first wake up helps to remove dirt and oil that can irritate the skin.

    Dermatologists recommend:

  • Choosing a mild cleanser that is rosacea-friendly (not soap).
  • Use circular motions to apply the cleanser with your fingertips.
  • Use only your fingertips to rinse off the cleanser. The cleanser must be removed completely. You may experience irritation if you leave some cleanser on your skin.
  • Use a soft, clean cotton towel to gently pat your face.

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2. Moisturise every day. Moisturising is important, whether rosacea causes your skin to be dry or oily. Moisturising traps water into your skin, which helps to hydrate it. This can help reduce irritation and improve your skin’s comfort.
According to studies, applying a barrier repair cream or rosacea-friendly moisturiser can improve your treatment results. For advice from a Skin Clinic Exeter, visit

3. Sun protection is important all year long. Sunlight can aggravate rosacea. It’s so common, it is one of the main causes of a rosacea outbreak. Even those with darker skin can experience a rosacea outbreak after spending time in the sun.
Dermatologists recommend sunscreen to reduce the severity of rosacea flares. Apply sunscreen to your face before you go outside every day. It is important to use sunscreen even on cloudy or rainy days.

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4. Go fragrance free
Choose fragrance-free products (rather unscented ones) to reduce your chances of irritation.

It’s best to:

  • Use a cream rather than a gel or lotion
  • Never use a toner or astringent

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