Where is renewable energy being used the most?

The move to sustainable energy sources is happening on a global scale, but which countries are using the most?

West leads the way

With the climate crisis in the headlines on an almost weekly basis, many countries are turning to alternative energy sources in a bid to reach net zero targets.

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As might be expected, western Europe has the highest number of countries using renewable energy from solar, nuclear, wind and hydro sources. This is likely to be because strong economies mean they have invested in the infrastructure of renewables and their governments have supported technological innovations. But it could also be down to countries at the top of the list, such as Norway, Iceland and Sweden, having natural resources.

Public awareness has also increased, as policies such as net zero targets have been introduced, encouraging individuals to invest in green energy in their homes.

How is the UK doing?

In the UK, The Department for Energy Security & Net Zero reports that between April and June this year, 42.1% of electricity generation was from renewables, up from 38.7% from the same period last year. This was also higher than fossil fuel generation, which was 38.8%.

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As well as the Nordic countries mentioned above, the list of top 10 countries leading the way also includes Brazil, New Zealand, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Finland and Colombia. Iceland is in pole position, with 86.87% of renewable energy generation, probably because of its geothermal landscape. Norway, at 71.56%, uses hydroelectricity as one of its main energy sources, meaning the UK still has a long way to go.

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