Farms, small holdings, and allotments.

From large working farms to small holdings and allotments, hardworking, ordinary people are working on the land to supplement their incomes and provide food for their families. With the economy as difficult as it is and the cost-of-living soaring, many families are turning to different ways to make their hard-earned money stretch to cover their outgoings. Growing their own fresh fruit and vegetables is just one way to achieve this goal.

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Making a safe and affordable enclosure around your land no matter how big or small can be a challenge but a fencing Gloucester company such as Greenfields could be the answer to this dilemma.  Being outdoors and enjoying not only the glorious, warm, sunshine but the freshness of a cool, spring shower of rain can invigorate and yet calm you all at the same time. The smell of the damp earth and the feeling of the soft ground beneath your feet is something everyone should experience for themselves. Some farms and farmers are also diversifying from breeding animals to allowing families to experience farm life for themselves. Groups of friends or families can spend a day or even a whole week on a farm enjoying the hands-on fun of a working farm.

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Children who live in busy towns or cities can visit a farm for the day and get down and dirty as they enjoy the country life experience. Don’t be fenced in by the city life, step outside and partake in the country life and fresh air.

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