Design Ideas For Sofa Layout

  1. Use the two thirds rule to get your scales right

The full-length sofa in the living room could be too much for a small room. You don’t want to have a couch that is too large, but you do not also want one that is small. To get the perfect proportions, aim to have a couch that is about two thirds the length of your wall.

It is also possible to select a smaller couch, but this may be influenced by other furniture in the room. As a general rule, we scale a couch to fit a space by making it half as big as the wall that the sofa will be placed on. It will also allow for space to accommodate side tables and lamps either side.

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  1. Consider functionality as well as style

The size of your sofa will be determined by the space you have available.

Two sofas placed facing each other can be more social than a large one that forces people to sit in line. Sofas should be sized down to allow for adequate space around and between them.

  1. Buy a sectional sofa for an open-plan space

The sectional is a great way to divide a space. A large L-shaped couch is an excellent choice in open plan spaces as it separates the living room from the kitchen or dining space.

A sectional is a better choice than a combination of sofa and armchair for a smaller living room, as it saves space. Choose a style that follows the shape of the space. For Pay Weekly Sofas, visit

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  1. Make a statement with colour

Consider the colour of your sofa in relation to the overall scheme and the colour scheme.

In terms of colour, the trend is to look to nature for inspiration. Trends are leaning more towards inky shades like blue and green, and earthy colours, such as beige or rust.

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