The Evolution of Double Glazing Since the 1980s

Double glazing has been around for decades, but it has changed a lot since it first became popular in the eighties. Back then the British were sick of rattling windows and they needed a quick solution, so double glazing came into existence – but it would still be a few decades before A++ rated thermal windows and personalised frames would become viable options. Modern homes usually come with double glazing as standard but it is good idea to check with the estate agent and Conveyancing Solicitors London that this is the case. The service of will certainly come in handy to ensure that the property you are purchasing is of a good quality and condition.

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The History of Double Glazing

The first adverts for double glazing in the eighties featured famous Derbyshire farmer Ted Moult, and the adverts were a huge success – within a few years double glazing had become the most popular choice of window, and they certainly stood the test of time as they are just as popular now as they were back then.

The eighties certainly popularised double glazing, but it is difficult to pinpoint specifically when double glazing came about. It was used in Scotland during the Victorian times when the weather was particularly cold, and they have been used in America since the forties and fifties. In fact, many people believe that the modern double-glazed window was invented in the US in 1930 by inventor C D Haven, although the design wasn’t initially very popular as it was fairly expensive to make.

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Innovations in the Last Few Decades

Of course, double glazing has advanced significantly over the last few decades; initially the frames were made from aluminium, but soon they were replaced with uPVC frames as they were more energy-efficient.

Since then new innovations have occurred constantly. You can now buy double glazing that uses high-tech thermal imaging for extra insulation, and there are also triple-glazing options for even more insulation.

The innovations have completely transformed the way that people in the UK see windows. In the past everyone accepted the sound of rattling windows and the cold breeze that accompanied it, but today people expect windows that will keep their home warm and quiet.

Now you can buy A+ or A++ rated products that can reduce heat loss and even help to conserve solar heat, making your house more energy-efficient. Many windows also come with lifetime guarantees so that home owners don’t need to worry about paying for new windows further down the line.


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