Who uses a spray booth?

When doing a job that involves applying paint, a spray booth is a good solution. Using a booth means jobs can be completed quicker, cleaner and more safely. They are a cleaner option as they prevent the escape of overspray, thus protecting the wider environment and other staff members.

The booths effectively confine a hazardous material into a confined and controlled space, reducing the risks form overspray, fire or explosion. They are also effective at protecting the products being painted from exposure from dirt or other particles in the air coming into contact with the freshly applied paint. They provide a clean environment in which to carry out this important task, free from possible contaminants and providing a better-quality paint job.

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Before air is pumped into the booth, it travels through a special filter to remove any dust and dirt particles. This can save a business time and cost, meaning top quality paint jobs first time and no requirement for rework to be completed. Anyone with a spray booth will understand how effective they are. If you already have them in your workplace, keep them functioning to the best of their ability with Spray Booth Filters from www.dustspares.co.uk/spray-booth-filters 

Who would need to use a spray booth?

Any employee whose job involves applying coatings to surfaces should be using a spray booth. If you are considering investing in a booth for your business, it can be helpful to consider the following points:

What is your current practice? Is your finishing or refinishing an efficient and clean process at the moment?

Does your current paint work meet standards and levels of expectation within the business?

Are you seeing evidence of excess overspray of paint or coating?

Does the smell of paint or coating currently permeate the rest of the building?

Is your business wasting time and money carrying out significant rework due to dirt contamination when the paint is curing?

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If you’re looking for increased productivity, a reduction in lost time and revenue and flawless paint jobs, then a spray booth is what you need. The booths are engineered to top industry standards, offering great longevity and value for money. Many come with high standards of contamination control as features, excellent lighting and effective methods for the capture of overspray.

They come in a wide variety of designs, including modular formats, offering flexibility and versatility. There are many different length, height and width specifications to choose from and can be manufactured for bespoke business needs with special applications.



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