Fresh Ideas for Redecorating and Renewing Your Living Room

Redecorating your living room is a great idea as it allows you to breathe new life into the room and personalise it to match your taste. A living room is normally the most used room in the house, so it is important that it is a warm and welcoming environment for you and your guests. With some tips and creative ideas, you can easily transform your living room into a place that truly reflects your personal style. In this article, we will explore some of these ideas so you can transform your living room into a room you are proud of.

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The first thing to decide on when redecorating your room is the colour palette you want to use.  Your colour palette will set out the mood of the room, so it is important that it matches your personal taste. You should lean towards light and neutral colours as these create an airy and spacious feel. You can also go for bold and vibrant colours if you want to make a statement. You will want to make sure your furniture and accessories match your colour palette, or you may end up with a mismatched style.

If the walls in your living room are starting to become worn and maybe showing signs of dampness, then it is a good idea to re-surface these walls. You can do this by plastering the walls to create a smooth finish. Freshly plastered walls can give a clean and smooth effect after you paint them. You can also choose to plaster your ceiling as well, so it matches the finish of the walls. If you are not confident with your own plastering skills, you can find a Plasterer Cheltenham who can carry out the plastering works for you. An example of someone like this is

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When furnishing your newly refurbished living room, it is important to choose pieces that show off your personality and lifestyle. You can incorporate pieces of artwork, an eye-catching rub, or even unique pieces of furniture. These statement pieces can be a great conversation starter for guests and can add a lot of visual interest to your room. However, if you want to keep things a bit more simple, you can choose to just have standard furniture, such as a sofa and chairs.

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