Ways to Encourage Recycling Among Your Staff

Do you believe it’s time to make more effort to recycle in your business? Encourage your staff to recycle by posting signs around the office. While most recycling bins have an on-pack label, not all packaging does. Recycle Now has compiled a handy guide for your convenience. Posting notices and reminders about recycling can help to prevent staff from falling into old habits. Make sure these signs are easy to read and include easy-to-follow instructions. Keeping them in view will encourage employees to recycle more and help your company reduce its carbon footprint. Learn about Business Recycling Cheltenham at www.printwaste.co.uk/business-recycling-solutions/

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Run a recycling competition. Set goals for each department to see who can reduce the most waste in a week. Create incentives for participating, such as a prize for the department with the lowest paper consumption. One way to motivate staff is to give out gifts and rewards for the winning team. For instance, a weekly recycling event can motivate employees to set aside recyclable materials. By rewarding the winners, they’ll be more likely to recycle and save money on paper and packaging.

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Put recycling bins in key areas. Encourage staff to place small recycling bins at their desks and offices. Having more bins means fewer excuses for employees not to recycle. Set a good example by eliminating single-use items. Instead of using plastic utensils and paper plates, offer them reusable mugs and bottles, for example. The more employees understand the benefits of recycling, the more likely they are to do their part.

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