Three Changes to Help Save the Planet

There are lots of things that we can do to save the environment. With global warming causing problems all over the world, the future of the planet depends on us. Here are three things that you can change to help future generations and the animals and plants that live on planet Earth…

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Travel – The way that we travel has caused a lot of damage to the planet. Travelling abroad on an aeroplane uses a lot of fuel, and even travelling in cars can cause problems such as poor air quality, as well as contributing to the greenhouse gas emissions. Changing the way that we travel is essential. Flying less and going on holiday in the UK, as well as walking or cycling where possible is a healthy change to make for our world.

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Clothing – There are many problems caused by the rise in cheap clothing made from man made materials. As well as the poor conditions experienced by many people who work making the garments, there is also the problem of these clothes filling up landfill sites. Choosing items like these irish mens sweaters made of wool, a natural material is a much better option.


Food – The food that we eat has a significant impact on the planet. Transporting foods for hundreds of miles is not good for the environment. Choose foods that are grown and produced close to home and as well as helping the planet, you will also be helping your local economy!

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