The greatest ship from Northern Ireland.

In 1912 setting out from Southampton, England for New York City in the USA came one of the largest and most beautiful liners to ever leave the Docks of Harland and Wolff in Belfast. It was to carry the various classes of British society and from Europe across the Atlantic to visit friends, start new lives in the fable land of opportunity North America. It was declared so safe that it should be thought off as unsinkable.  It never made the destination. A combination of bad luck, competition from competitors creating slackness, the incompetence of the upper classes and simple pig headedness meant the ship ignored warnings and confidently sailed into an Iceberg ripping through its hull and flooding it. Over 68% of the passengers and crew were lost.

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The discovery of the wreck some 70 years later plus subsequent films and television programmes have kept his grand old ship famous. There is also a fantastic museum devoted to it at the site of its very birth in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Whilst there are many places to visit in the country, so much so that you’d be better off taking a look at Log Cabins for sale NI like the ones at this represents one of its finest. As the legacy of this ship goes back so far the people of Northern Ireland take great pride not only in the building of the Titanic but also of the emerging new dawn of their country and its importance as can be seen by this installation.

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The location of the Museum is on the spot where the ship was built. Inside there is a one hour walking tour where a dedicated guide will show you the artefacts and history of the great ship and the creation of the fine building that has come to be the story of it and its history. The museum has some interactive galleries which offer full reconstructions of what the interior of the ship would have looked like and the different types of stay on board you would have experienced depending on the level of your social class. It shows you the shipyards and the lives of the people who built the ship. There are films from the time, including the launch of the Titanic in 1911 before it began its journey to Southampton, and preserved example of the posters used by the White Star line to promote it and there is even the preserved and restored Nomadic, the last White Star liner, so you can get an idea of the size and majesty of this great twentieth century liners.

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