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Month: July 2020

3 Emergency Rescue Tips


Emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time. If someone has become trapped and is in need of rescue, it is important to stay calm and assist them in the best way possible. 1. Rope Rescue If someone has fallen into a small space, then they will need to be pulled out safely. Should no […]

Creating the Perfect Man Cave – in Your Garage

If lockdown has made you feel a little bit claustrophobic and you think you may benefit from a bit of an escape from time to time, a man cave is the perfect solution! No need to leave your home but a place you can retreat from everything for an hour or two – here is […]

Fashion spring summer 2019 in 10 Trends

The silhouette with well marked waist, fluorine colors, tie-dye, paillettes, pleating, animal print, sixties flowers, ruches, ruffles, fringes, fishnet effect, leather, 80s; in the fashion trends spring summer 2019 we really find options for all tastes. The fashion proposals that we have seen in the international catwalks come with many new features but also confirm […]

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of green cars

green car reviews

Ecological vehicles promise to solve an eventual future oil shortage, while improving the quality of life by reducing pollution. Know the advantages and disadvantages of these cars. In recent times, and due to the scarcity of oil, ecological cars have become more important and are assuming an alternative to current propulsion cars. Many already consider […]

Nickel Composites boldly go where no Nickel has gone before

Aerospace would have problems without nickel. Although less than 1% of the weight of a typical airliner is nickel, it is vital for critical components in engines, landing gear and batteries. It is also being incorporated into many of the carbon fibre composites that are slowly replacing aluminium in airframes.