The necessary delay at an Airport.

In our modern age there is a paramount importance to have airport security. Events around the world have obliged us to be more vigilant when making sure that whoever and whatever gets on the Aircraft is who they say they are and the luggage is what it says it is. This is no joking matter and it applies to persons and businesses, especially Same Day Courier Birmingham like who are there for your delivery needs, as any mistake can result in serious and fatal consequences.

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The sheer volume of air travel now is way beyond what it was 50 years ago. Planes such as the Airbus A380 and Boeing Dreamliner can carry an enormous amount of people, unprecedented in its capacity and the responsibility of the safety of those passengers falls on the security at the airport. It is not just the planes and there capacity. The amount of air traffic means that there are even more people congregating at the airport itself. What measures are there in place that we all have to adhere to before boarding a Plane?

For most airports it falls to the state to provide a vigilant service ensuring that the safety of the public is protected. In addition there are trained personnel at the airport that will also maintain a watchful eye on the crowds. In fact, all members of staff from the baggage handlers to the check in desk will have received some form of training in what to spot in terms of the suspicious activity.

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There is not just a human element to airport security. Our canine friends have also proved themselves to be as invaluable as ever with trained “sniffer dogs” units able to root out illegal substances such as drugs and even the properties of chemicals used in suspect devices. The other systems used are the x ray scanning of all luggage hand and baggage hold to ensure that nothing untoward is hidden inside. Any small explosion can cause a serious issue to the Planes performance and airworthiness so this is a vital check.  In addition to this check before entering the departure lounge you have to pass through a large metal detector. You are able to place any metal objects in a tray beforehand so as to not set off the scanner and so that any items that can be damaged by x rays are excluded but still checked.

There are now also restrictions of liquids in clear containers and greater restriction on the amount of baggage that can be taken into the cabin area.

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