Top 10 countries with the best food in the world

If you are one of the travelers who enjoy tasting the gastronomy of different parts of the world. Surely you have been tempted to choose destinations only for the quality of their food. Although about tastes there is nothing written and it is more about very subjective opinions. Here are 10 countries best food in the world. There are countries that are known to have some of the best food around the world. According to experts, these are some of the places where you will be able to taste the richest dishes.

Best food in the world

A lot of country which have the best food in the world, we are gathered for you. If you are a food lover and traveler also you will happy to know it.


It is about one of the corners where eating became a very important social ritual. Over the years, Italian recipes are the ones that go around the world the most. Who never tasted a delicious margarita pizza or a good plate of pasta? But in Italy they are not just fresh and rich sauces or noodles. But also their cheeses, seafood, rice or desserts such as ice cream, canolis or tiramisu fall in love with anyone who tastes them.


It is another place in the world where social life revolves around food. Traveling friends, is something wonderful for those who enjoy good food. The seafood, fish and its famous Iberian ham are some of the highlights that you can always find in any restaurant. However, the combination of flavors and the desire to try the entire menu of each place you visit, make Spanish cuisine exemplary. You can not go through Spain without trying a paella, go for tapas or eat some delicious churros.


There is no way to visit this country and not go completely enchanted with the food they prepare. Although some fear the famous spicy that invades their dishes, it is not the only thing that stands out. Who can resist their famous tacos, enchiladas and recipes full of ingredients such as avocado, lime or tomato? The reality is that any Mexican dish will leave you wanting more.


The mixture of so many herbs and spices in each dish produces complex flavors that come together and complement in the best way. In the same dish you can find it with spicy, acid, salty, sweet, chewy, crispy and slippery.


Indian cuisine is not unique since it covers a whole subcontinent. So there is so much variety that it would take weeks to try everything or, at least, the most representative. Always hit with samosas, stuffed puff pastry, before a creamy dish of lamb korma or chicken tikka masala or any meat with madras sauce. For those who are not afraid of spicy.


Its popular for itssauce, like soy sauce and hoisin sauce. Fresh foods are used like vegetables, herbs and spices, some of them like lemon grass, lime and kaffir lime leaves. Vietnam has also best food in the world. Their smells and presentations make you want to devour the dish as soon as you see it. I that are well dipped in nuoc mam fish sauce are one of the things you should try.


Japan is also a country of delicious food. They have a lot of food where they have famous food.


That they have one of the best cuisines in the world is nothing new. Not only that each of their dishes is an explosion of flavor, but they know how to combine flavors and serve them in the most elegant way. They know how to mix vegetables, vegetables, meat, fish and fruit, to create food that makes all those who visit their country fall in love. The bakery is another of its strengths, for those who love the sweet, like good croissants or the well-known macarons. In addition, its famous cheeses and wines are something very difficult to overcome.


Although nobody can resist the tasty ceviche, it is not the only dish by which we should recognize the excellent Peruvian cuisine. With its own and fresh ingredients, you can find an infinite variety of options and delicious meals to try in the Latin American country. Although fish and meat are major players, with its huge variety of potatoes and vegetables. There are plenty of options to enjoy and fall in love with the cuisine of Peru.


With a surprising diversity, the Lebanese knew how to create one of the best cuisines in the world. They use fresh and tasty foods, dishes with fruits and vegetables abound along with some spices. The basis of their meals are usually cereals and legumes, which vary in flavors according to their preparation. Lebanon have also best food in the world. Yogurts, cheeses, cucumbers, aubergines, peas, nuts, tomatoes and sesame. There are some of the most commonly used ingredients.

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