How you can increase your attic insulation and save money on your electricity bills with one simple installation

Living in a world where energy prices are skyrocketing and the general financial crisis means higher mortgages and rents alongside increased food and fuel bills, anything householders can do to save money easily is worth investigating. Modern Downlight Covers from a reputable, professional, trusted company such as are a simple way to increase the insulation performance in your attic by 50% and save money on energy bills.  Providing a stylish alternative to ordinary lighting, these smart, Downlight Covers allow loft insulation to be fitted over the top of them which helps to drastically reduce heat loss. Heat is mainly lost through lack of good, quality insulation through windows, doors, walls and roofs which is where these simple but effective Downlighters come into their own.

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Not only do they protect against heat loss, they reduce condensation and draughts, improve the quality of the air in living areas and probably most importantly reduce the risk of fire.  They can be easily fitted by a DIY novice and are maintenance free once in place.  They help muffle noise entering and escaping your home and prevent insects from getting into living areas.

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These effective covers are made from recyclable, flame retardant materials that can help reduce the risk of fire from Christmas decorations and household storage items. Fitting LED Lamps together with these stylish Hoods allows for maximum energy savings.

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