How to Take Care of a Pond

Take Care of a Pond

A pond can be a great addition to any golf course, resort, or backyard. They add a touch of wonder for children and a cool relief from a hot summer’s day. Keeping a pond in good condition, however, can be a considerable amount of work. A person has to be familiar with aquatic weed control, water testing, algae control, and fish stocking if they want to create an ecosystem for the sport. All of these things can affect a pond’s water quality and the ecology that depends on it.

Flora and Fauna

The first step to keeping a pond clean is understanding the fish population and how it affects the water quality. Just like with a fish tank, fish can contaminate water if the environment is not balanced. The first step is to be sure not to overpopulate the pond. When a pond is overpopulated, the water can fall out of balance and possibly pose harm to the fish who live in it. Overfeeding fish can also be a contamination source, as the uneaten pellets or flakes remain in the water to decompose and form unwanted sludge. Having the proper balance of plants in and surrounding a pond can also help keep the water cool and clean. Finally, skimming debris from the pond before it has a chance to decay is key to keeping the water clean and balanced.

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Choosing the right sized pump for the pond size can keep the water circulating which can keep away harmful effects of stagnation. The size of the filter should match the volume of water in the pond. Ideally it will exceed the volume to insure proper circulation, but it should never handle less than the total volume. Keeping the filter clean and providing recommended maintenance will keep it running properly so the pond stays in its best possible condition.

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