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Superfoods at our fingertips

Superfoods at our fingertips

Superfoods are foods rich in nutrients with a small number of calories and provide incredible health benefits, today we will talk especially about those that are more economically accessible and easy to get since there is a large list of superfoods that only They can be bought in specialized stores and are usually very expensive.

Corn Cream the recipe to prepare it

Corn cream, the recipe to prepare it

Corn cream, the recipe to prepare it with the flavor of spices and with a vegetable nut. Corn is gluten-free, therefore perfect for people with celiac disease. But it contains minerals and fibers: for this reason, it is recommended for women who are pregnant or engaged in weaning. Corn cream can accompany any appetizer, but […]

Homemade lentils with chorizo

Ingredients for homemade lentils with chorizo 500 gr of extra pardinas lentils 4 large carrots 2 cloves of garlic 2 large onions 1 bay leaf 1 spoonful of La Vera paprika Salt and pepper to taste) 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil 1 green pepper 2 large tomatoes 1 cane bone 2 chorizos 1 […]