10 spectacular recipes of puddings without oven, easy and creamy!

The flan is the favorite dessert of many of us. Not only does it have a delicious flavor and a smooth and super creamy texture, it is also one of the easiest desserts to prepare.

To make a flan we only need a caramel that is made with two ingredients and the filling for which, we only add everything to the blender, easier than impossible!

A version that is even faster than the original is the flan without oven . This rich dessert remains with an irresistible flavor and can be prepared from endless flavors. Also, you do not have to light the stove so you will not have to add eggs to the preparation either.

If you would like to learn how to prepare the best custards without an oven , I share the following recipes.

Pineapple flannel without oven!

Indulge your family with this delicious and simple pineapple flan . It is soft and with an intense pineapple flavor.

How to make the creamy strawberry flan without oven and without egg, delicious recipe!

Learn how to prepare a rich strawberry flan without egg and without oven with this simple recipe for failures.

Spectacular coffee flan with condensed milk, on stove!

Enjoy the delicious flavor of this creamy coffee flan cooked in a stove. It’s a super easy recipe and the end result is spectacular, try it!

Prepare the most creamy Neapolitan custard and no oven!

This vanilla-flavored Neapolitan flan recipe is just like my grandmother’s, it is very creamy and the best part does not need an oven.

Creamy orange flan without egg and without oven, with only 5 ingredients!

Learn how to prepare this spectacular orange flan without egg and without oven with only five ingredients.

Prepare a creamy coffee flan with chocolate, without oven!

It is a very easy recipe to prepare and you will not have to spend all day in the kitchen, try it!

Learn how to prepare a soft and fluffy lemon custard, without a oven!

Its smooth texture and delicious taste will captivate you.

Prepare the best coffee flan, no egg and no oven!

It is a very simple recipe that you will love.

Vanilla flavored cornstarch without oven!

It is perfect for meetings or special events.

Coconut flan without oven!

Creamy and with a rich tropical flavor that will fascinate your family, try it!

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