We are the robots

In 1978 it seemed that mechanical marvels were ready to take over the world. The song, Robots, was recorded by the influential German electronica group Kraftwerk. Appearing like Robots themselves, the four pieces would wear identical clothing and haircuts and perform behind their keyboards. At the time, guitar music, such as rock, punk and Disco, was very much still in vogue. The use of keyboards and electronic music was still very much in its infancy, but these trailblazers were determined to make their mark. When the technology allowed it, the band would replace themselves with real robots, much like the Manchester Robotics that are available from https://hotrobotics.co.uk/facilities/university-of-manchester-2/.

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Kraftwerk was formed in 1970. They were part of a large movement of Then-West, German bands that sought to gain some traction in the music world. Along with Can, Tangerine Dream, Neu!, and Amon Duul 2, they became profoundly influential to the many UK and North American bands

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They were young Germans who felt they had a point to prove. Living in the aftermath and shadow of the Nazis, the division of their country into East and West, plus the ever-looming prospect of the Cold War, they created new and exciting sounds and music techniques that live on to this day. In fact, Kraftwerk is still touring and performing, plus producing new material since its inception. As they have progressed, so have the robots, although they haven’t been able to actually replace the band full time yet.

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