Security Seal Definition

Security Seals are essentially tamper evident seals that provide cargo or valuable assets with a chain of custody in transit and storage. These devices seal up the enclosures in order to prevent theft, loss and manipulation. Sealing enclosures come in many different forms, including bags, trucks or shipping boxes. But they all have one thing in common: They enclose sensitive goods, such as those in transit, and seal them against unauthorised entry.

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Tamper Evidence Function

Seals of security serve two important functions when they are used correctly as part of a larger security protocol. They are also tamper evident or tamper indicating. This means that they will permanently show physical evidence if they have been tampered with. This is usually done by telling signs such as cracks or physical changes in appearance. For Security Seal products, visit

These seals can be referred to as tamper evident seals because of their appearance. Seals with indicators are widely used across many industries, including sacks, bags, household truck and trailer movement, fire extinguishers and roll cages.

Access Control Function

Seals can also be used to reduce the number of unauthorised entries into sealed enclosures. Seals are a great way to deter access by simply being present. They make people think about what could happen if they were to ‘unseal.’ A subcategory called ‘barrier sealing’ also provides a physical barrier against entry. They act like a single-use lock that requires special tools to be opened, such as steel bolts or cable seals. The most common uses of barrier seals are in shipping containers, railroad cars and international trucking and trailer movements. The barrier seals prevent an unauthorised opportunist opening the enclosure. Barrier seals of this type are often referred to as ‘high-security seals’.

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Security seals do not work like padlocks. Keyed padlocks are more expensive and harder to replace than the seals. They’re also stronger. Most padlocks do not have a unique number or marking, and can therefore be easily broken, so that they are replaced without leaving any sign of unauthorised entry. Keys can also be lost, duplicated or borrowed. They may even not exist when required. The security seals are inexpensive, unique security devices that are intended to be broken at the right time.

Security seals are not just another type of cable tie. Cable ties have different uses and can be easily undone. They are not designed to be tamper proof.

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