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Month: February 2019

How to organise a volunteering event for your members

Whether you want to celebrate an occasion, raise money for charity or become an active member of society, here are some tips and tricks on how to organise a successful volunteering event, from the procedures involved to health and safety guidelines and licences. Image Credit When it comes to organising such events, you can deal […]

10 tips to make the purchase well

If you just landed in this post you already have a point earned, surely you have researched on the internet and have come to these tips, or out of curiosity you have said, ” Surely I will come with some idea of ​​yummy “. Try to stay with 2 or 3 points of this text […]

Making Child-Friendly Cities

We all want our cities and towns to be healthy, sustainable, safe and successful. To achieve all these things, they must also be child-friendly. Cities are not also known as being the healthiest of environments and children are particularly affected by the negatives of modern urban living. From safety on the roads to air pollution, […]

Five more ways to make a new house feel like home

Managing the transition from an old to a new house can be tricky. Sometimes it takes a while for the new place to feel homely, so let’s take a look at five ways to guarantee that relaxing, cosy feeling. Image Credit 1. Chill out Spend some time in every room. Cook a familiar meal in […]

3 ways to succeed at inventory management

Managing your inventory effectively is essential if you run a small business and you want to improve the accuracy with which you can measure performance. Image Credit If you are struggling to achieve this, here are 3 tips to follow which should make it much easier and provide you with the metrics you need. Harness […]

Will Triple Glazing Be Tomorrow’s Standard?

Triple glazing looks set to become standard in future, with many people switching over to it. Start today – it can significantly raise the value of your home. Image Credit Triple glazing units offer many benefits, making this product very popular today. You can compare the products available to discover the best option for your […]

An Introduction to SIP Trunking

Even though many of us now rely heavily on the internet and communicate by email or instant messaging, the phone is still an essential tool for businesses. In the past linking your business to the phone network has meant using an ISDN line, which is pricey and also limits you to the number of concurrent […]

How to market your fundraiser

If you’re planning a fundraiser event, guarantee its success with effective marketing. Without promotion, who will know your event is happening? If no-one knows about it, how will you raise the money? This is why marketing your fundraiser is so important. You want to avoid empty seats and low donation amounts. Here are some useful […]

Why lighting is so important in photography?

lighting in photography

As any Bournemouth Wedding Photographer knows lighting is incredibly important when it comes to taking photographs.  Without light the photograph will appear dull and may not even develop properly. Light can be used o achieve all sorts of effects and crate shadows to further enhance the image that you are taking. Light can also set […]

Different types of industrial adhesive

industrial adhesive

Bonding materials can be an important industrial process in the manufacture of all kinds of products; however, as there is such a huge variety in the types of material that can be joined together, so there are different types of adhesive available with specific characteristics suited to certain tasks. Image Credit Cured or melted Resins […]