Month: March 2020

  • How Likely is it that Nuclear War Could Break out Today?

    Since the invention of nuclear weapons, the human race and the world has been under threat by the nuclear sword of Damocles – as described by John F Kennedy “Every man, woman and child lives under a nuclear sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of threads, capable of being cut at any moment by accident […]

  • Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning

    Unaware of ultrasonic cleaning? Incredibly, ultrasonic cleaning has increased the efficiency of industrial cleaning for nearly seventy years! During that time, this cleaning process has evolved considerably, becoming even more effective. The industry is constantly changing, and more businesses are enjoying its many benefits. Industrial cleaning which uses ultrasonic technology works by using high frequency […]

  • Three Careers That Save Lives

    Everyone has different things that they are looking for in a career, such as a comfortable salary and a healthy work-life balance. For some, an ideal career is one in which they can intervene in emergency situations and make a difference in a person’s life or death. If this sounds like you, you may wish […]

  • Planning for older age

    Whilst many people look forward to retirement and have dreams and plans for their new lifestyle, retirement can also come with its own emotional challenges. How you feel about this new stage of your life can affect your mood and even your relationships, but making plans and having things to look forward to can be […]

  • Which Concealed Carry Method Should You Choose? A Look at the Options

    So, you’ve decided to get a concealed carry permit and now you need to find the right carry method for your lifestyle. Review a few of the common options to see which one feels right for your personal protection needs.

  • Self-Defense Weapons

    Personal safety is important. Many people who go out in public look for concealable items that they can use for protection. Whether you can put them in a purse or carry them on your person, you need to have easy access to using a weapon. Here are a few items that are great to carry […]

  • Why SMEs are worried about immigration after Brexit

    A recent survey of more than 1,000 UK SMEs has revealed that managers are concerned about the post-Brexit immigration laws for foreign workers proposed by the government. Image Credit The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) report found that 25% of their members employed overseas workers, many of whom came from EU countries for whom they […]

  • The Eden Project – Why it is One of the UK’s Top Attractions

    The Eden Project, located in St Blazey, Cornwall, has become one of the most popular tourist sites in the UK since opening its doors in 2001. The Eden Project has contributed to 1 billion pounds to the economy in Cornwall, and the idea of the Eden Project is to educate and teach others about sustainability […]