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  • 5 home remedies for hair treatment

    Health is usually related to hair care and although you do not believe it when it looks healthy, shiny and clean, it is a reflection of how you feel. Currently, there are many products in the market with which you can have spectacular hair, as they contribute to supplement missing nutrients or lost by some […]

  • 6 natural remedies that will help you improve your hearing

    In cases of loss of hearing ability we can opt for oral or topical remedies that can help us improve this situation. We will not combine them to avoid adverse effects.Hearing loss is a condition that affects more than 30% of people over 70 years of age , although it also tends to occur at […]

  • Can hearing problems be improved with natural remedies?

      Whether it’s because of age, too much noise or certain types of illnesses, almost everyone will experience temporary or permanent hearing loss during our lives. While many types of hearing loss are not reversible, there are some cases in which hearing loss can be treated naturally. Below, we have summarized some of the most […]

  • 5 natural remedies to remove headaches

    headache remedies

    Headaches are a condition that we have all experienced at some time. In its milder forms, caused by stress or lifestyles, we can use some natural remedies to remove the annoying headaches.headache remedies is needed. Probably the headaches are one of the evils that most difficult the daily chore . Several times a year we […]

  • How to build a homemade solar oven

    Constructing a homemade or handmade solar oven is a possible alternative to enjoy the benefits of solar cooking. But to achieve good results, the following guidelines must be taken into account: Start from a good design. Use appropriate materials. Have the technological resources to carry out the construction The growing interest in living healthier habits […]