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Month: January 2020

Should I Replace My Floors with Wood Flooring?

The popularity of wooden floors shows no signs of slowing. It adds a warmth and character to any room of the house. Wood floors can have change the feel of a house almost instantly, and they have many advantages. They are often used in high end Serviced Apartment Birmingham way such as those you can […]

Three types of meter boxes

Most properties in the UK will have meters which measure the usage of the utilities provided to the building such as electricity, gas and water. Many will be attached to the exterior of the building and need to be protected by a housing commonly known as a meter box.

How Men Can Wear More Colour In Winter

How can guys brighten up a winter wardrobe to add a splash of colour that will add warmth and style? There are several secrets to looking good by adding the right sort of colours to your wardrobe that mix and match with your outfits and fit the seasons.