What to Know About Car ESPs

Whether you own a car with ESP on board or are thinking about buying one which boasts this feature, you might be wondering exactly what benefits it brings to the table.

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To get rid of any confusion, here is a breakdown of the technologies at work and the reasons that you might want to embrace them.

The Basics

ESP stands for electronic stability programme, and if you get in a car made within the last half-decade, it will almost certainly come with this onboard, thanks to an EU ruling.

Also referred to by other acronyms, such as ESC, the same core features apply whatever it is called. In short, it is a cohesive system made up of a variety of different sensors, processors and software features that keep tabs on how the car is performing at any one time.

In the event that any unusual activity is detected, the car will be able to enact automatic safety capabilities and ultimately reduce the likelihood of a serious accident occurring while you are behind the wheel.

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Things like the braking system and traction control can be brought into play to prevent skidding, even in icy conditions. This is achieved by distributing the braking more evenly across all wheels and optimising the steering, even when under heavy braking.

The Benefits

Aside from obviously allowing modern cars to be a lot safer than their older counterparts, an ESP is also advantageous because it can react a lot faster than a human to potentially hazardous conditions.

In many cases the system will detect that there is something amiss before a driver is aware of it and get the car ready for an emergency to reduce response time even further.

The Problems

While ESPs will be a boon for motorists who are conscious about safety, they are not perfect and can suffer faults. A warning light on the dashboard will indicate if such an issue arises, at which point it is best to seek professional assistance.

Be sure to choose a garage that has full motor trade insurance, provided by the likes of Quote Me Today, so that you can rest easy in the knowledge that your car is in good hands while it is being repaired.

While ESPs are ubiquitous today, buying second-hand cars means that you might not always find them installed.

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