Increasing Fire Safety in Buildings framed with Timber

In the UK, the majority of new homes are built with traditional bricks. However, with their environmental benefits, timber-framed construction methods are becoming increasingly popular. When building timber-framed properties, fire safety is an important consideration. Image Credit The Benefits of Timber Across the globe, many countries are already experiencing the benefits of timber, with 70% […]

Why do our storms have names?

It might feel like we are having more storms now than ever before, or is it because we are now naming them? Perhaps the act of naming the storms that batter our nation mean we take far more notice of them than we did before.

Servicing your car at home is not as hard as you think

Regularly servicing your car can be an expensive affair, but rather than letting your car go by unserviced, follow these steps to ensure your car is in good shape. Image Credit With drivers overspending by £90 on average per car, now is the perfect time to service your car at home. 1. Change the oil […]

The technological revolution happening in commercial refrigeration.

It is easy to see that both commercial and domestic refrigerators have evolved beyond all recognition in recent years. The tiny fridge that used to be in your kitchen with an even tinier freezer compartment has morphed into a large, flash looking fridge that produces ice, slush and running water. Even the enormous walk-in refrigeration […]

Menswear Essentials for Holiday Packing

Booked a holiday but have no idea what to pack? You are not alone judging by the strange things some men decide to wear whilst on vacation. Sometimes a baggy t-shirt, cargo shorts from 4 seasons ago and a grubby old pair of flip flops just won’t cut it and you could do with updating […]

Why choose a bespoke design for your home office?

Working from home is a dream for many people but it’s not always as easy as it seems. Distractions and lack of defined workspace can cause stress, inefficiency and frustration. One of the major difficulties is the blurring of work and home-life, which can often lead to people giving up on it.