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Pothole-related breakdowns increase

They’re the bane of every motorist’s life, and now new RAC figures confirm just what a menace potholes are. According to the motoring organisation, breakdowns caused by damage from potholes rose a massive 63%, meaning they’re dealing with 72 pothole-related call outs a day, at a cost in repairs to the motorist of an average […]

How Men Can Wear More Colour In Winter

How can guys brighten up a winter wardrobe to add a splash of colour that will add warmth and style? There are several secrets to looking good by adding the right sort of colours to your wardrobe that mix and match with your outfits and fit the seasons.

Get the Location, Location, Location right!

Once you’ve been booked by the happy couple, get as much detail from them as possible. Visit the venue. Scout out some possible locations. Do your homework well, and you should be able to find the perfect spot to take the pressure off yourself and get many of your key shots in the same place […]

Getting the best pet portraits

Pets are family members – energetic, bouncy members of the family who often cannot sit still and turn into a big blur on the camera. However, pets can make some of the best family shots although their inability to keep still can make them really tricky to photograph. Photography of pets is a mix of […]

The background of the average sex worker is surprising

A survey carried out by Leeds University and commissioned by the Wellcome Trust revealed that 70% of Britain’s sex workers have previously worked in charity, education or healthcare – and over a third hold a university degree. The survey also flagged up the pressures that cause people to begin working in the sex industry. For […]

Common Mistakes Made When Laying Concrete

You may think that there is not much to laying concrete, but it is not as simple as it looks. There is a lot of preparation needed before a drop of concrete is poured. When you think of the whole process, it includes: a mix of design, quantity decisions, site preparation, acquiring tools, checking weather […]

How you can prepare your boiler for winter

When it comes to the colder months many people start to prepare by buying extra food items just in case they can’t get to the shops, packing a blanket, snacks and a shovel in the back of the car in case the weather turns and buying food for the birds in the garden to keep […]