A Brief History of Penicillin

We’ve all heard of penicillin, but do we know where it came from? It is from a group of antibiotics that come from the Penicillium fungi. Sounds horrible, but when it was discovered, it was truly life-saving and revolutionary for medicine. It transformed the medicine and healthcare of the 20th century. Image credit Discovering penicillin […]

Signs that your hydraulic hose assembly needs replacing

Hydraulic hose systems are found throughout the industrial manufacturing industry. They are found in many applications, from pump stations to braking systems for vehicles. As with anything, they have a lifespan and whilst incredibly durable, even the best maintained hoses will degrade and suffer from wear and tear. How long a hose assembly lasts depends […]

Who uses a spray booth?

When doing a job that involves applying paint, a spray booth is a good solution. Using a booth means jobs can be completed quicker, cleaner and more safely. They are a cleaner option as they prevent the escape of overspray, thus protecting the wider environment and other staff members. The booths effectively confine a hazardous […]

What is HPV?

What is the human papilloma virus? Otherwise known as HPV, this is the name given to a group of viruses that can lead to warts and pre-cancerous conditions in male and female genitalia, anus, throat or mouth. Pre-cancerous means that a change in the cells might have occurred that could turn into cancer if left […]

Innovations for D-Day

Planning for D-Day required a certain set of conditions to be a success. The weather conditions, the tide and even the position of the moon were all crucial factors. The operations in the air required clear skies and naval activities needed calm seas. Ground troops had to have a low tide. Leaving nothing to chance, […]

Most important natural elements for kratom cultivation

Kratom is a tropical areas tree. It is known as an effective herbal. That’s why in Southeast Asian and pacific island countries people cultivated kratom from a long time ago. The famous scientist Pieter Korthals first write first about this amazing herbal tree in his journal. He also gives it another name Mitragyna Speciosa. From […]

How to you buy original kratom products

In a century ago, in Southeast Asia and pacific island countries people collected kratom for their own purpose from the nearest forest. But after increasing demand of kratom in worldwide, farmers starting to cultivate it by themselves. They are starting to marketed kratom leaf and kratom plants it worldwide. That’s why now we can buy […]