The truth behind four solar energy myths

When it comes to solar energy, there is a diverse range of views. Some are based on truths whilst others are based more on hearsay or speculation. This article looks at four of the most common ‘myths’.

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1. Solar is unaffordable for the majority

Initial costs may seem out of reach. However, if we take solar panels on a residential property as an example, it is reasonable to expect these to last for 20 years or more. The money saved on utility power over this period can often exceed the cost of the installation. Some companies may let you pay over a period of years which significantly reduces initial outlay, and there are also some Government grants available.

2. Solar power has limited potential

This could not be further from the truth. Although not perfect, solar power has massive potential considering the fact that the sun rises and sets every single day. A solar farm approximately the size of Arizona could (theoretically) produce enough electricity to power the entire world, although it would require around 93 billion solar panels! Even fairly small systems are capable of generating sufficient electricity to power homes, offices and small shops.

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3. Solar is bad for the environment

This is a slightly strange one because solar is widely recognised as one of the most sustainable and green energy sources. However, some people insist it is bad for the environment.

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The facts are that the majority of panels today are created with non-toxic materials and recyclable parts, and solar panels do not produce any carbon emissions.

4. Solar will damage my roof

The truth here is that roof damage is an extremely rare occurrence nowadays because the majority of solar roof panels are installed by professionals with years of experience.

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