handsome bald guys

Top 20 most handsome bald guys

For some men, hair loss is a source of anxiety. Others like Bruce Willis or Zinedine Zidane chose to make it their charm asset. We share some handsome bald guys. Some even preferred to shave their heads to adopt a bad boy look. Here is a list of men who proudly wear their shaved heads.

The most handsome bald guys

Zidanehandsome bald guys

Zinedine Zidane, We do not remember when Zizou had hair! The favorite player of the French preferred to shave their head instead of being in the list of footballers standing out for their ridiculous haircut. Plus, the bald makes him sexy

Harry Roselmackhandsome bald guys

Harry Roselmack At the helm of Sept à Huit on TF1, the presenter has boosted audiences thanks to his talents as a presenter, but also to his charm.

Bruce Willis handsome bald guys

Bruce Willis The American preferred to take the mower when his hair started to fall. A decision that has boosted its rating among women around the world

Thierry Henryhandsome bald guys

Thierry Henry Many women followed the World Cup football for the beautiful eyes of Thierry Henry.

Laurent Weilhandsome bald guys

Laurent Weil With his humor and his intelligence, the French animator and journalist have no reason to worry about his baldness.

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Thuram handsome bald guys

Lilian Thuram The French international has been voted the sexiest footballer many times. The zero-ball look has revealed its seductive potential.

Sealhandsome bald guys

Seal The English singer has made the hearts of the most beautiful women in the world capsize like the top Heidi Klum and the model Erica Parker.

Harrelsonhandsome bald guys

Woody Harrelson Unlike the stars who have chosen to camouflage their baldness, Woody Harrelson proudly displays it and it succeeds him.

Vin Dieselhandsome bald guys

Vin Diesel Imagine Dominic Toretto with hair. Ridiculous! The ball style Zed is better suited to this big hard with its mountains of muscle. He is one of the most handsome bald guys.

Slaterhandsome bald guys

Kelly Slater A true living legend of surfing, Kelly Slater sports the ball to zero.

Tyrese Gibsonhandsome bald guys

Tyrese Gibson Like many actors, he adopts the shaved head to better assert his bad boy reputation, and it succeeded him. Being bald does not stop charming girls.

Barthezhandsome bald guys

Fabien Barthez In addition to having capsized the heart of the top Linda Evangelista, the former goalkeeper of the Blues has turned the heads of many women in the world.

Jason Statham handsome bald guys

Jason Statham, The sexy bald-headed carrier has won the hearts of many women.

John Malkovich handsome bald guys

John Malkovich is known for his many roles in totally different registers. With or without hair, it always breaks the screen.

Billy Zanehandsome bald guys

Years after Titanic, he displays a shaved head, which does not detract from its charm of “villain”.

Andre Agassihandsome bald guys

In addition to impregnating his rhythm in the game immediately with his first service, Andre Agassi has also attracted the attention of tennis fans for his charisma.

Samuel L. Jacksonhandsome bald guys

The American interpreting the role of Nick Fury has struggled to assume his baldness. He found the parade to make this inconvenience an asset of seduction thanks to its bobs and berets.

Lamar Odomhandsome bald guys

Lamar Odom Khloe Kardashian’s ex has turned the heads of Keeping up the Kardashian spectators not only for his basketball build but also for his bad boy side thanks to his shaved head.

Eric Judorhandsome bald guys

Eric Judor knows how to forget his baldness with his offbeat humor and childish charm.

Tupac Shakurhandsome bald guys

Tupac Shakur Baldness or skull shaved voluntarily, that is the question. What is certain is that his shaved head makes him look like a sexy bad boy.

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