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Top 10 most expensive objects in the world

We have to be clear that the most expensive objects in the world are properly so, thanks to being surrounded by a group of exquisiteness and quality in the work that had to be used to give them that value. We will present in this top what are probably the 10 most expensive objects in the world and why mainly of its tremendous glory and price. Get ready because maybe, one or the other price can knock you out of your seat, but it will comfort you to know that you are not the only one who can not have them.

The 10 most expensive objects in the world

Yacht Baia 100 History Suprememost expensive objects

If it is a true luxury we must mention a luxury yacht that easily accommodates 8 guests and equipped with double VIP rooms, is also valued in an exuberant amount of 4.800 million dollars.

House Villa Leopoldamost expensive objects

Valued at 750 million dollars, it has managed to sell the famous house Villa Leopold; staying with the 2nd position, so its price is not usual.

Painting Salvator Mundimost expensive objects

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Savior of the World” was sold at a Christie auction in New York, for a sum of 450 million dollars, which makes him win his 3rd place.

Diamond The Cullinan Diamondmost expensive objects

The Cullinan Diamond, is the largest natural diamond, in terms of its exquisite quality of jewelry that can be found on our planet.

Graff Diamonds watch Hallucinationmost expensive objects

For its international debut, the giant jewelry company Graff Diamonds has done something sensational: A diamond watch that carries the title of being the most beautiful watch-wristband created by the hand of man.

Auto Ferrari 250 GTOmost expensive objects

A vehicle can be worth as much as what a person is willing to pay for it. This model Ferrari 250 GTO was sold for 52 million dollars.

Licor D’Amalfi Limoncello Supreme

Once again it is on the part of the renowned jeweler named Stuart Hughes, who makes his presence by creating a beautiful bottle. The Amalfi liqueur that exudes an extra sizing. And the invigorating aroma of this fruit that is extremely unique in its kind.

Cabinet Badminton furnituremost expensive objects

The furniture “Badminton” was bought by the third Duke of Boforskim. While he was making one of his trips and later it would be auctioned.

Clark Sickle-Leaf rugmost expensive objects

The gallery Corcoran decided to offer some carpets of its beautiful collection. Because the stored was extremely expensive and this money obtained will go to the special funds of the same.

Cell phone iPhone 5 Black Diamondmost expensive objects

The famous Liverpool jeweler Stuart Hughes, has created this iPhone only for people with money. The screen is covered with a sapphire crystal, while the start button becomes a black diamond of 26 carats. To finish, it was finished using more than 600 white diamonds for what would be the box. And another 53 to affect the decoration of the Apple logo.

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