Rice salad: the classic recipe to make it perfect

Rice salad: the classic recipe to make it perfect

Rice salad is a summer dish also known as cold rice and is made easily and quickly with rice and various condiments such as pickles. You can cook in a thousand ways and according to your tastes precisely because rice lends itself to being used to enjoy new flavors but, following our advice, you can choose the best rice and the right ingredients.


  • BASMATI RICE- 400 gr
  • EGGS 3
  • Medium-sized salad tomatoes- 5
  • GREEN OLIVES -150 gr l
  • CORN 400 gr -90
  • TUNA -300 gr canned
  • COOKED HAM -150 g in cubes
  • CARROT- 3 medium
  • SWEET CHEESE- 150 gr Galbanino type
  • BASIL A few leaves to garnish
  • SEA SALT TO taste

The calories refer to 100 grams of the product

How to prepare the rice saladRice salad: the classic recipe to make it perfect

Boil a pot full of salted water. As soon as it boils, add the rice and cook for about 15 minutes. Cut the tomatoes and sweet cheese into cubes, drain the corn and tuna and slice the carrots julienne. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well to make everything homogeneous.

Drain the rice al dente just as it is about to cook. Rinse the rice to stop cooking and season it cold. Add the rice to the bowl with the other ingredients and mix until everything is smooth.

Serve and enjoy the cold rice salad.


Calculate for each person about 100 grams of rice each to be cooked in a quantity of salted water which must be 5 times the amount of rice you want to boil. Remember to put 10 grams of salt for every liter of water.

How to dress rice salad: tips and ideas

The most common ingredients are cheese, vegetables, eggs, or tuna. An excellent cheese for the salad is fontina or Emmental while, instead, use boiled peas, onions, raw tomatoes, and peppers as greens and vegetables. Only at the end add the tuna and hard-boiled eggs. The ingredients must be sliced ​​very thinly and mixed together until they are uniform. Add the rice just before serving the dish and season with oil and salt.

If you use the pickles, drain them and, in a bowl, put the cold rice, add the pickles and other ingredients and mix. If you want to make a rice salad without pickles, use fresh ingredients. Do not prepare it the day before and do not use ready-made and prepared condiments.

Do not use mayonnaise to bind the ingredients as it makes the rice salad sticky but serve the rice salad dressing it with balsamic vinegar or a single spoonful of mayonnaise. Instead, use a cheese, such as galbanino, scamorza, or caciocavallo, but add it at the end to avoid the formation of mold.

The rice should not be drained under cold water because the grains lose their flavor, which can be preserved, instead, by distributing the freshly drained rice on a cotton cloth, making it cool. It should also be seasoned only when cold by mixing the ingredients in a bowl from bottom to top.

Never overdo it with the combination of ingredients: therefore, avoid combining tuna and sausage and choose seasonal vegetables, preferably grilled.

The rice for the saladRice salad: the classic recipe to make it perfect

One of the tricks is to choose excellent rice, which does not overcook and does not stick to the bottom of the pot. Ribe, Venetia, S.Andrea rice are recommended but also Arborio is indicated. If you want to keep cooking and have rice al dente, instead, use parboiled, a type of cereal that is subjected to a treatment that gives it a yellow color and does not overcook once cooked. If you want to surprise guests with original artwork, choose rice Venus by the color black, which, however, is more crunchy than normal. Finally, if you want to prepare a very fragrant dish, use basmati rice with long and dry grains.


The rice salad can be kept in the fridge for two days in a covered container or at room temperature, stirring it from time to time to allow proper refrigeration throughout. If you have used mayonnaise as a dressing, the rice salad should be consumed immediately. It can be frozen if boiled and seasoned only with a drizzle of oil. The important thing is to defrost it first in the fridge and then at room temperature.


Rice salad is a single dish but can be paired with bresaola and accompanied by a good dry white wine.

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