original ideas to decorate small houses

9 original ideas to decorate small houses

Ideas and decorative proposals to decorate small houses and make the most of it to take advantage of the space.

1. Define separations between the different areas of the houseoriginal ideas to decorate small houses

It is important to define different areas of the house and give each area a specific purpose.

  • We can place a buffet table space between the kitchen and dining areas to easily serve food as well as having additional storage.
  • We can also place the sofa with the back to the bed so that when sitting, the view is focused on the living room and not the bedroom.
  • If we have a particular hobby or hobby, we should not be afraid to use it as part of the decoration when separating the different areas of the house (an old bicycle).
  • We can also use interior plants as space delimiters.

2. Invest in dual-purpose furniture original ideas to decorate small houses

When we decorate a small space, every millimeter counts. One way to make the most of the space is by investing in furniture and other pieces of furniture that have a dual function. Instead of adapting your home to furniture, try adapting furniture to your home. The bedrooms are the perfect rooms to have multipurpose furniture.

We can buy a trundle bed that folds into a sofa to watch television or for example a footrest that in turn serves to store things inside …

Whichever piece of furniture we buy, we must make sure that its size is appropriate for the space we have (if we use too large furniture we will end up making our house seem smaller than it is).Do not eat your head looking for custom furniture there are companies that are dedicated to the furniture of small houses.

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3. Rethink unused spacesoriginal ideas to decorate small houses

After living in the same space for a considerable time, it is very easy to be immersed in the routine. We may already have an assigned area for each thing in the house, but are we really using the space in the most effective way possible?

Try to look around your apartment and identify dead spaces and spaces that do not serve any useful purpose.

We can look for unused corners or drab, empty walls, and try to think of possible ways to take advantage of these areas.

We can buy a corner shelf to store things.

We can also place a few baskets on top of the fridge and use it to store the dishes and cutlery that we use the least.

4. Store vertically

The best storage option in a small space is vertical storage. Therefore, we will look for high and narrow storage systems.

We can put floating shelves on the wall or shelves that also serve to separate one area of ​​the house from another.

5. Invent an own organization system

Excessive storage in boxes and baskets can lead to chaos due to poor organization.

In order to remember where everything is located, it is advisable to buy organizers that help us to have everything more orderly and controlled.
Once we have the organizers, the key is to put them to good use.

6. Choose shades of light colorsoriginal ideas to decorate small houses

The dark colors tend to make spaces look smaller in view of what they really are, so it is best to choose shades of light colors when decorating our apartment.

It is recommended to choose 3 colors, of which 2 must be light (to decorate most of the space) and one dark (to add a striking contrast to the decoration).

7. Add curves with furniture and decoration

Most small apartments tend to be too rectangular. To avoid staying with a too drab house, we can use our furniture to add some curves.
According to decoration specialists, curvilinear furniture makes a house not so monotonous.

We can use a round table for the dining room or use a sofa and chairs with curved edges.

If our home has a curvilinear (or non-rectangular) element, such as a circular window, it is important that we take care to highlight it in the decoration (in this case we could place an armchair under the window and mount a reading area).

8. Adopt the new trend of floating furniture design

Employing large furniture in a small apartment can make the apartment seem even smaller than it is. Incorporating floating elements in our design can help create a more spacious feeling, without losing functionality.

  • We can try floating decks instead of placing a shelf, or even floating sinks.
  • As for the furniture, the furniture that has legs will give a greater feeling of spaciousness than that which is glued to the floor.

9. Tidy up the apartment and get rid of everything we don’t use

In a small apartment, the clutter is much more apparent because there are not many places to hide and everything is more visible.

Once or twice a year it is convenient to review all our possessions and re-evaluate which of them may not be so essential.

It is surprising how many things we have that are not necessary, just as it is surprising how much free space we have left after having discarded the unnecessary.

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