keys to making smoothies and smoothies

8 keys to making smoothies and smoothies

Do not let the monotony take over your meals at home and take advantage of the blender. Take advantage of the richness of fruits and vegetables that spring brings us to enjoy a wide variety of smoothies and smoothies that are both delicious and healthy.

We have seen it thousands of times in movies and television series before conquering our homes as well. And we have to surrender to the evidence: the American or glass mixer becomes indispensable when you discover all its possibilities.

Now that we have more time to spend at home, it is a great time to learn the keys to make the most of its virtues and help you get out of the routine. These are the best tricks that you can easily put into practice with very appetizing ideas that the whole family will like, and not only at breakfast.

The perfect magic formula

keys to making smoothies and smoothies

Few kitchen appliances are easier to use: you just have to put all the ingredients you want in the glass and start it by adjusting the speed until you get the perfect texture. And what is the perfect smoothie-like?

It depends a little on your taste, but a good smoothie should be homogeneous, creamy, and smooth, with an appetizing color and, above all, tasty. In addition, the ideal is that it is as rich as healthy and balanced. Now more than ever it is important to enjoy what we eat but also to take care of our health. You can achieve that balance with this formula:

A part of crunchy fruit: Rich in water and fiber, such as apple, pear, pineapple, red fruit, orange or tangerine, melon … it can be fresh or frozen. The finest and edible skins do not need to be removed.

A part of creamy fruit: Tender and soft in texture, such as banana, peach, avocado, papaya, or mango.

A vegetable: That adds more fiber, vitamins, and minerals, but without monopolizing the flavor. It is enough with a bunch of some tender green leaf, such as sprouts of spinach, lamb’s lettuce, cabbage or kale, or also some sprigs of broccoli or raw cauliflower or the sweet carrot.

A liquid: You can add it little by little after crushing everything to adjust the texture to your liking: milk, vegetable drink, liquid yogurt, fruit juice, coconut water, tea …

Extras: Once you have the texture, you can personalize the flavor by adding fresh herbs, such as mint or basil, some spice like cinnamon, or a touch of honey or pitted dates to make it a little sweeter.

Give them more colorkeys to making smoothies and smoothies

The food enters first through the eyes and also the shakes. The color always fills us with optimism and has a great effect in raising the mood, especially in the morning. Have you got a somewhat musty smoothie? Enhance your color with ingredients that will also add more nutrients.

Take advantage of more colorful fruits, such as raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and currants, as well as sweet vegetables like beets. The spice drawer is full of natural colors: turmeric orange, paprika red, saffron yellow … If you want a blue smoothie, give it a touch of spirulina powder, and for a bright green, use matcha tea.

Get a creamier texturekeys to making smoothies and smoothies

If you are pirate shakes and smoothies extracremosos, with a silky texture like whipped cream, somewhat decrease the amount of liquid and replace it with thicker ingredients. The natural yogurt is perfect, also the kefir and fresh cheeses like the quark or the cream spread.

Another trick is to add frozen banana or mango, directly without thawing. Today’s mixers have blades capable of crushing even ice cubes in seconds, so you won’t be able to resist frozen fruit. The avocado is also perfect for adding more creaminess, especially if it is already ripe.

If you need more power when crushing hard ingredients or ice, models such as the Kitchen Aid or Moulinex have high-performance motors specially indicated for these jobs.

Turn the smoothie into a healthy dessert

Take advantage of the blender beyond breakfast and surprise at home with desserts as appetizing as they are healthy. You can make a cheery creamy smoothie, for example, strawberries and bananas or mango and orange, and spread it into small glasses or bowls, alternating layers with yogurt sweetened with honey and vanilla.

You can also make multi-colored glasses by combining two or three different simple shakes, adding between them a layer of fresh fruit or cereal to give it more texture. Finally, top with some chopped nuts, oat flakes, orange or lemon zest, or sprinkle with cinnamon or cocoa.

To save time you can leave the smoothie ready in advance, simply store the blender glass directly in the fridge and, before assembling the dessert, beat again for a few seconds to get a perfect texture. Another option is to opt for a blender specially designed for these purposes, such as the Russell Hobbs Explore Mix & Go Cool, which comes with two cooling tubes that keep food cold inside the glass itself.

Take advantage of the freezer

The great power of today’s mixers, the design of the blades, and the mixing technology allow crushing hard ingredients also frozen. It is a great advantage to not have to depend on fresh products, especially in times when we cannot make the purchase so often.

You can now buy fresh fruit or prepared frozen, peeled, and chopped vegetables, ready to add directly frozen. Or you can freeze the fruit, this way you will avoid spoiling if you bought too much or if it has matured very quickly. Wash each piece well, remove the skin if necessary, and slice into portions before freezing in separate zip-lock bags.

The great power of the motors of the blenders avoids any kind of problems when crushing pre-frozen food. In fact, this is one of its great advantages over the arm or immersion models, so it is essential if you want to start preparing smoothies.

More nutritious: healthy ingredients you can add

A delicious smoothie brightens our day, but if we also add many more nutrients, we will feel more energetic and vital, and that also influences our mood. Take advantage of the antioxidant power of citrus vitamin C by adding oranges and tangerines, or squeezing its juice with the pulp, to also benefit from the fiber.

You can also add a handful of nuts, which the blender will crush without problems, or a couple of tablespoons of natural peanut butter for healthy fats and creaminess. You will get a smoothie rich in protein if you add oat flakes or cooked quinoa, and with Greek or skyr yogurt you will also add calcium and minerals.

Smoothies with spoon: very complete smoothie bowls

A smoothie is a much thicker smoothie, and the “bowl” version proposes to make it so creamy that it can be eaten with a spoon. Prepare your favorite smoothie without adding extra liquids and take advantage of the high speed of the mixer to achieve a very thick emulsion, as if you were making salmorejo.

Then you just have to serve it in nice bowls and add all the toppings you want. The smoothie bowl turns into a colored canvas to bring out the artist inside you, and children will surely love to participate. Fresh fruit, grated coconut, seeds, nuts, oat flakes, peeled pipes … take advantage to take advantage of your pantry.

Moulinex mixers are especially suitable for this type of preparation, with models like the U ultra blend Cook offering advanced functions to prepare even hot dishes without using the kitchen.

Give the finishing touch with an original presentation

If you present the shakes with an original touch, surely no one will resist them, and you will make the routine more bearable. Choose cute glasses or cups with some fun decorations, serve them with cardboard straws decorated with some crafts (and children can help you) or add toppings.

You can cut pieces of fruit with a star or heart-shaped pastry cutters, or assemble skewers by alternating colored pieces. Another option is to place fruit slices on the walls of the glass before pouring the smoothie, or occasionally, top it with a cookie. Occasionally you have to indulge yourself to enjoy at home.

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