improve your health and well-being

6 Tips to improve your health and well-being

As part of the Latin American Food and Holistic Medicine Tour, the Colombian doctor, Sandra Rangel, and the Argentine chef, Matías Amadasi, visited Los Libertadores to share with us recipes, food, and tips that allow us to improve people’s health naturally.

Dr. Rangel suffered from laryngeal cancer in 2009, but natural food, good habits, and faith helped her overcome her illness. Thanks to this experience, he decided to study Holistic Medicine at prestigious institutes in the United States. For his part, chef Amadasi has a degree in cooking from the Universidad de Argentina de la Empresa, and also works as a yoga teacher and coach. Both experts offer us these six tips for a full life

Say goodbye to refined sugarimprove your health and well-being

The consumption of this substance potentiates cancer cells and can affect the liver. In addition, it increases glycemia in the body and is one of the main causes of diabetes and other diseases. However, it is possible to sweeten foods naturally with stevia leaves, a plant that grows wild in some Latin American countries and is grown in Colombia.

Reduces consumption of animal proteinimprove your health and well-being

Meats are an essential part of the Colombian diet, almost every meal of the day includes some kind of animal protein. However, according to Dr. Rangel, animal farms use hormones and chemicals to accelerate growth processes, so she recommends limiting their consumption.

Similarly, the doctor believes that seafood and pork should be prohibited in any diet because they contain toxic elements. The only really advisable animal protein is goat meat because it is the healthiest and chemical-free.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables

5 servings a day of these organic foods are recommended, it can be in green extracts, juices, or salads. Vegetables provide unique nutrients to the body that help keep cells oxygenated.


Every day around 2,000 toxins are produced in the environment, including chemicals, materials, pesticides, herbicides, and cleaning products, therefore, it is advisable to detoxify the body at least 3 times a year. Among the natural purgatives that experts recommend are: lemon, coriander, water, sun exposure, and fasting.

Harmony and emotional well-being

The doctor and the chef consider that all diseases of the body are the product of the mind, therefore, the best way to enjoy a healthy life is to find inner peace and emotional balance. Say goodbye to toxic people, avoid stress, and face negative situations as important learnings.

Physical activity allows the body to burn toxins through sweating, this process helps to dispose of heavy metals, pollution, and other elements harmful to the body. People who exercise every day sleep better and have more energy.

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