How to turn off active status on Instagram

How to turn off active status on Instagram

Can you turn off active status on Instagram? It is a question that we always ask ourselves, of course, what if you can, like also removing the last connection to Instagram.

We will be able to remove the visibility of the green icon that means that we are online on Instagram, being able to see us, as well as if they enter the conversation.

It is when the question comes to our head, why are you ignoring me, why don’t you answer, what is happening? And the best thing would be to learn how to remove ourselves online, in order to avoid various problems that often become a bit complicated.

  1. Open the Instagram application.
  2. We will go to “Settings” within our profile.
  3. At the top there are 3 lines, to find “Settings”
  4. Where we will have different options, press “Privacy”
  5. Then we select where it says “Activity status” we enter.
  6. Finding that it is active, in this case we want to deactivate it, we give it to deactivate.
  7. And automatically it is no longer “active” or “inactive” on Instagram.
  8. Exit the application and then press “Restart”
  9. And there you can see that it does not appear active or inactive.

In this simple and very practical way, you can send the messages you want, as to the people you want, without appearing active for other people. And so we can avoid some problems that may arise.

Instagram already shows your last connection timeHow to turn off active status on Instagram

These applications such as WhatsApp and now Instagram, the people we have in our contacts, can verify the time we were able to be online. Worse, you can still have the location turned on or if not, you can also create the location in your posts.

This option to remove the last connection from Instagram has been implemented in the direct messages section, where now below the name of each contact, you can see and follow the sequence of how long they connected.

  • Most of us find ourselves a bit unhappy, seeing it as if we don’t have a bit of privacy.
  • Go to the profile to enter the options menu, appearing a “balloon or around”
  • Download and search for “Activity Status”
  • We will press “Deactivate”

The only disadvantage of this is that your contacts will not be able to see the last connection they obtained, but in the same way, they will not be able to see the last connection of their contacts. The way to do it, how to read messages on Instagram without appearing in seen.

And thus to be able to show through photos and videos, the quality of the products, as well as the different colors that are handled. So, in this particular, the client can choose in the best way.

If it does not appear, it is likely that in the last Instagram update it is active. Users have also commented that Instagram as a consequence is already moving away from its essential function which was simply the publication of photos, as we will wait to see how successful this new function is.

How to turn off active status on InstagramHow to turn off active status on Instagram

How not to appear online when using Instagram, being able to remove the last connection from Instagram, since it is one of the social networks that we find today, allowing us many functions so that we can always keep in touch.

It is important to have a little more privacy, so sometimes it is not convenient for people to know that we are connected on Instagram.

When we see that green logo that appears when we are inside the Instagram application, we know that the person is active at that moment.

  • Enter the “Instagram” application
  • To access what would be our “direct messages” being able to see the last connection time of the people we have in our contacts.
  • To go to profile, then go up to the 3 points that appear above.
  • To find “Privacy and security”
  • We click on “Activity status”
  • And we press “Deactivate”

By deactivating this option, we can ensure that no one, even ourselves, can see the last connection as the activity status of the people we follow.

Remember that to preserve the privacy of your account in general, from time to time you can close the accounts open on the devices you use in case you are not using it.

In this simple, practical, and fast way, we can deactivate the last connection that we have had on Instagram, and thus we can avoid some inconveniences presented by having Instagram active.

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