How to play sports in quarantine

How to play sports in quarantine if you have diabetes

Playing sports in quarantine if you have diabetes is not only recommended but also necessary. Even if you are in a limited space, there are still plenty of activities you can do to keep fit.

It is very important to play sports in quarantine if you have diabetes. Although current conditions make any sports practice more difficult, it is necessary to find ways to maintain good habits during confinement.

Sports practice is highly recommended for diabetics, as it helps control their weight. This is essential since the relationship between obesity and diabetes is very frequent and risky.

Playing sports in quarantine if you have diabetes is one of the habits you should keep. Space and resource limitations can be overcome with some creativity and goodwill. Therefore, there are no reasons to neglect your health.

Reinventing sports routines

The fact of staying inside the houses and that there are legal and sanitary impediments to going out to parks, sports circuits and gyms, should not be a reason to interrupt the routine that the diabetic person has to keep fit. The idea is to reinvent these routines with what you have at home.

It is possible to play sports in quarantine if you have diabetes. A good idea may be to subscribe to one of the channels that sports professionals have on social networks. You only need a computer, a smartphone or television to carry out the exercises they suggest.

You can also, simply, walk inside your house, at a constant pace and taking the time that the activity takes so that it is not less than that which you previously invested. Another option is to contact the person who was training you and request an exercise plan to carry out inside your home.How to play sports in quarantine

If you have access to a sector of gym equipment within your closed building or neighborhood, you should always keep in mind that quarantine involves leaving the house only for what is essential. And that if other people are going to use the same elements, it should not be at the same time and hygiene measures should be extreme.

Ideas for playing sports in quarantine if you have diabetes

The activities that can be done at home are the same that you have allowed or that are indicated for your case but adapted to the interior of the home and with the elements that you have there. With a simple elastic, you can do from inside your home to others of flexibility and elongation.

If you do not have elastics, balls or other similar elements, you can still do physical activity. There are aerobic activities like jumping rope, jogging all over the house or around the table for example; practicing exercise bikes, or dancing by following a choreography, are good options.

You can also exercise your strength or endurance with squats, push-ups, or strides. Also, improve your balance (physical and mental) by staying on one foot, in the position known as “the angel” or, simply, standing for about two minutes, with both eyes closed.

Flexibility is another routine that can be done without leaving home. You can do yoga, pilates, stretching or stretching. All these activities can be alternated or combined. The important thing is to stay active and launch creativity. The activity must be regular for positive results.

Sports and diabetes in quarantine: what else should you know?

To practice sports in quarantine if you have diabetes, what you should keep in mind is that you will be your own personal trainer. To do this, you must monitor your hydration at the time of exercise, since you will be working indoors and this requires special attention at that point.

After the practice, you must adequately ventilate the place where you carried it out. S anear spaces is critical in times of COVID-19. It is important to clean surfaces and open windows so that clean air and, above all, the sun can enter. Never forget that diabetics are part of the risk group in this pandemic.

Finally, it is recommended to take a shower that removes sweat from the body to avoid cooling. Similarly, avoid overreaching. Although it is recommended to practice sports in quarantine if you have diabetes, you should not go beyond what your body can give.

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