Honeymoon in Spain: a journey to discover Galicia

Honeymoon in Spain: a journey to discover Galicia

Honeymoon in Spain: a journey to discover Galicia. Spain is a rich country both from a historical. And an artistic point of view, each of its autonomous communities is well diversified. And has a very solid identity; among the best known are Andalusia, Madrid. and Catalonia, but there are many others that are worth visiting at least once in their lifetime. Have you ever thought of Galicia as a destination for your honeymoon? Identified by the Romans as “the end of the world”. And also known for the journey of Santiago de Compostela, Galicia offers a vast historical. And cultural heritage and evocative landscapes to be admired in a romantic moment by exchanging sweet phrases of love. If you have already chosen the dress, the location. And the wedding favors, now it’s time to plan your honeymoon!

A dream destination for a romantic holidayHoneymoon in Spain: a journey to discover Galicia

The preparations for the most important day of your life have been concluded, during these last days, you will surely have focused on every little detail that makes it exclusive, choosing a location that fully reflects your personality. And that lends itself to a banquet with placeholders of original wedding. Ad hoc details: now that everything is ready you can finally get comfortable. And start the choice of stages to do in this wonderful Spanish autonomous community.

Located in the North-Western part of Spain, between Portugal, Asturias and Castilla y Leon, Galician. Or territory Galician throughout its history has witnessed the succession of cultures, peoples. And traditions, seen in architecture and art. A land that will give you the opportunity to penetrate the wildest nature, exploring woods where the aroma of trees. And moss accompanies the sweet sound of rivers and streams until you rejoin the most impetuous of the sea and its idyllic beaches.Honeymoon in Spain: a journey to discover Galicia

There will be so many breathtaking views that will be the background to your unforgettable honeymoon; we must remember, however, that Galicia is not only nature. But also extraordinary urban centers, a lively nightlife. And rich gastronomy; extraordinary cities in which you can enjoy long walks and a candlelit dinner with an elegant formal dress . It is one of the best tips for Honeymoon in Spain.

Honeymoon in Spain: a journey to discover Galicia

The charm of nature in all its forms

Galicia, thanks to nature reserves, waterways. And lakes immersed in a sinuous valley is considered a true paradise for those who love nature. If you choose this destination for your honeymoon, you will not have to miss its long. And narrow coves of the magnificent Galician coast, the so-called Rias, which have widened due to the progress of the sea in the riverbeds and river valleys giving life to a unique ecosystem. These inlets are divided into two groups, Rias Altas, an area characterized by beaches with long wild cliffs. And Rias Bajas, the most frequented in the region with immense sand dunes; they are separated by Cabo Finisterre, a fascinating promontory overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, at the “border of the earth”.Honeymoon in Spain: a journey to discover Galicia

In addition to the Rias, the entire Galician coast offers unique scenarios, this extends over 1500 km. And is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea in the Bay of Biscay, some of you will know the amazing Beach of the Cathedrals, in Spanish  Playa de las catedrales, located just before the border with Asturias.

During the excursions along the Galician coast you will have the opportunity to visit wonderful cities, including Pontevedra, the capital of the homonymous province, as well as the Rias Bajas region, considered a true paradise among the Spanish cities; the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore with a Renaissance style façade is the destination of many art lovers.

Another destination not to be missed is the itinerary of the Cies islands, in the province of Pontevedra, called by the Romans “islands of the gods” are part of the National Park of the Atlantic islands of Galicia. And possess one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, that of Rodas. It is one of the best tips for Honeymoon in Spain.

A fantastic tour to discover the major citiesHoneymoon in Spain: a journey to discover Galicia

The best known is undoubtedly the regional capital located in the province of La Coruna, Santiago de Compostela, a UNESCO heritage site. Known for the eponymous path, the most influential pilgrimage in Europe boasts one of the most important shrines in the world. And, in addition to being the last leg of the journey, is also home to the remains of St. James. It is one of the best tips for Honeymoon in Spain.

Honeymoon in Spain: a journey to discover Galicia

Do not miss the Museum of Pilgrimage, the Mercado de Abastos, a real delight for the eyes and the palate in which you can taste the typical products of the local gastronomy, both sea. And land; the magnificent Parque de Belvis from which you can admire a breathtaking view. And, a few kilometers from the city, the Ruta de Los Pazos de Oca y Ribadulla, the enchanted garden of the oldest camellias in Europe, if you love this delicate flower you have resumed the shades in your bouquet of flowers do not let it escape.

And of art places novetoli …Honeymoon in Spain: a journey to discover Galicia

One hundred kilometers south of Santiago de Compostela there is, then, Ourense, less famous. But equally worthy of a visit for its prestigious spas, its wonderful Cathedral in Gothic-Romanesque style. And the ancient Roman bridge built at the time of Emperor Augustus. From here you can then proceed to La Coruna, the largest. And a most populous city in the region that houses the Torre de Hercules, the Plaza Maria Pita, the Town Hall, the Aquarium Finisterrae, the Santa Margarita Park with the Science Museum and the beaches. of Riazor and Orzan.

These and many other places will take your breath away in the most beautiful moments of your honeymoon, those in which you will exchange romantic phrases. And you will be thrilled by admiring a sunset. To live an unforgettable experience it is not always necessary to go far, Europe offers wonderful places in which different cultures harmoniously coexist, Galicia is certainly among them. If you choose this land for your honeymoon, you will be literally ecstatic … It is one of the best tips for Honeymoon in Spain.

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