best leaf blowers

The best leaf blowers

Autumn is coming and with it, the gardens are dressed in sepia tones. Part of this color palette is the dried leaves that fall from the trees. We share some best leaf blowers for you.

The picture is truly picturesque and beautiful to walk around and admire, but when the time comes to pick them up so that they do not accumulate excessively or prevent jams in grids and gutters, the situation takes on a different color.

If our house has a garden or terrace, surely we want to get hold of a leaf blower. Thanks to its power, in less time and effort we can have everything clean and leave the ground free of leaves.

In general, when looking for a leaf blower we will try to make it powerful, but also light and portable enough to be able to handle it without a problem; and if possible, at a good price.

Also, contrary to what many people think, it is not an article limited to autumn. These types of tools can move leaves, grass clippings, and even light snow in winter.

Although blowers are not a cheap item, we have chosen the 5 best on the market looking for the best value for money.

According to experts and buyers, the best option is Black + Decker. It is an option that works connected to the electric current and has 3 functions: blower, vacuum cleaner, and leaf shredder. An all in one! The most effective option to clean our garden.

Keys to buying best leaf blowers

Types of leaf blowersbest leaf blowers

There are two types of blowers that we can find on the market. Each one is especially recommended for a specific situation.

Gasoline: If we dedicate ourselves to gardening at a professional level or we have to clean a very large area that justifies it, we will opt for this option.

They tend to be more powerful and heavier, just the opposite of what we are looking for if we are going to use them in our home. Most require a mixture of oil and gasoline for operation and are generally noisier than electric ones.

For these types of options we find hand blowers, the lightest option among gasoline blowers, but heavier than the electric versions; a backpack, which avoids the weight of the hand model but forces us to carry a backpack as a deposit for leaves; and the push blowers, incredibly powerful to the point that they are often used to clean sidewalks or parks.

Electrical: Recommended for use in our home. They are lighter, more manageable and more comfortable to use. We can find them with cable or wireless (also called “battery”), depending on the size of the plot we can choose one or the other.

For example, if we want it to clean a porch, we will not mind that it has cables. However, if it is for the entire garden, we would appreciate doing without the cables.

Now, if we choose a battery, we must make sure that autonomy is sufficient for the plot that we want to clean. As a general rule, it will take about 45 or 60 minutes to drain the battery completely.


To ensure its effectiveness, the blower must have a power of at least 2000W. If it has more functions such as vacuuming, perhaps we should go to some more powerful options that are around 2500W.

If we are going to use it professionally, it will be best to choose more powerful blowers that reach or even exceed 3000W.

For gasoline blowers, the recommended options are 1 to 4 horsepower and 2 or 4-stroke engines. Two-stroke engines have the advantage of coupling almost twice the power in the same space as a 4-stroke engine. As an advantage of 4-stroke engines, they are more efficient in terms of fuel consumption.


For some, it is a relevant fact that will be defined based on the size of the terrain and the number of leaves that accumulate on it. So the more speed the blower has, the sooner we can finish the task.

In general, the majority oscillates between 200 and 300 km / h of expelled airspeed.


As a general rule, gasoline ones will be heavier due to the fuel tank. That is why they usually include a backpack, to be able to carry them without so much difficulty.

However, we can also choose hand blowers. So that when handling them it is not uncomfortable, we will try that it does not exceed 6 kg and that its weight does not become excessive. Still, we will find blowers that are around 2 kg, so we can choose one with a weight that we can support without discomfort.


Some leaf blowers, in addition to “blowing” also vacuum leaves. This can be useful in some situations. If they also vacuum, we must ensure that they have a storage bag of at least 40 liters of capacity.

Typically, vacuum cleaners also have a shredding function. In this way, you effectively collect and dispose of dead plant debris that may be on the porch or in the garden, without taking up too much space in the storage bag.

Other features

Some models have an additional handle for better control and weight distribution.

Not all blowers have the same air outlet nozzle. Some models have them flattened, others rounded and others have both options. Flat tips are best for sweeping loose blades, while rounded tips are ideal for loosening blades and branches embedded in the grass.

In some gasoline models, the fuel tank is transparent, which allows us to see, at a glance, if it is running low or we have “fabric” for a while.

If the air inlet is located at the bottom, much better. It will prevent us from annoying pulls of clothes as it happens in the models whose air intake is mounted on one side.

Being able to have an adjustable air baffle will allow us to adjust the airflow to any location. This feature is very useful for collecting leaves in a large pile or when working next to a wall, hedge or any other obstacle.

Einhell GC-EL 2500 Ebest leaf blowers

It is an electric vacuum blower. It is one of the best-selling models due to its affordable price and its excellent power motor: 2500W.

Einhell is a very comfortable model since it has an additional adjustable handle, a transport strap and its 3.15 kg weight that make it one of the lightest on the market. Also, to facilitate transport and take off even more weight, it has small wheels that allow us to move it with total simplicity.

Mechanically thanks to a rotating wheel, we can change the number of revolutions and thus vary the operating speed of the blower. We don’t always need a gale for a few sheets lying around.

To change from the function of vacuum cleaner to that of blowing. It will be enough to give a lever, without effort or the need for extra tools for it. For the vacuum function, it has a 40-liter storage bag.

As a safety device, it has a switch that can block the machine from starting unexpectedly.

It is a comfortable, functional and very good option for those looking for a cheap device. And who do not have a large space to clean, optimally working up to 90 or 100 m2.

For retailers, the blowing speed reaches 240 km / h and its performance is 650 m³ / h, standing at half the speed expected in this type of tool, which means that the task or power is quickly finished with a large number of accumulated leaves.

Now, there are some drawbacks: the cable measures approximately 40 cm, but nothing that an extension cannot solve. For some users, the device is somewhat noisy or better said, the noise can be annoying. We must bear in mind that we are dealing with tools that handle a large amount of power.

It is a really useful tool with good value for money and that has very good and effective features.

Black + Decker GW2810-QSbest leaf blowers

This option is one of the best we will find on the market. For a slightly higher price, it has three functions that will help us keep our garden always clean: blower, vacuum cleaner, and mulcher.

If anything stands out is that it has a fairly powerful motor (2800W). And the maximum blowing speed will allow us to lift even wet leaves.

The blowing speed can be regulated as needed, allowing it to be effective in vacuuming large amounts of sheets in less time than other options in its price range.

Its storage bag has a capacity of 50 liters, quite wide for this type of product. This will allow us to use it for a long time without having to empty it in the middle of the task.

It is easy to operate. It has an ergonomic grip that makes it easy to carry. Also, it is relatively light: it does not weigh 3.5kg.

For its operation, it must be connected with a cable to the power supply. As a glue, said cable measures approximately half a meter. This forces us to use an extension cord every time we want to use our blower.

It is a very powerful option, especially in the blower function. The best way to use this device is to corner the leaves in a corner since we will do it in a few minutes thanks to its capacity. Once all piled up, we can start vacuuming them without a problem.

Although the function of blowing is more effective than that of vacuuming, we must bear in mind that it does not fail to stand out for its power. For this reason, if we have edges or decorative stones in the garden that are relatively small, we do not recommend using the vacuum option on these surfaces.

If we take into account the driving tips, this option will be the most effective, quick and easy to handle, standing out for its great power and lightness.

Bosch ALS 25best leaf blowers

Bosch has this option capable of efficiently blowing, vacuuming and shredding the sheets. With a power of 2500W very well used, it is a simple machine to handle and fast in its operation.

Its storage bag has a capacity of 45 liters. The quality of the materials used is obvious to the naked eye, making them resistant and waterproof.

The air outlet speed can be regulated in two speeds. Depending on the needs we have, we can choose between the two through buttons, making it very comfortable to use.

Also, it is a light device with 3.2kg of weight. However, with a full bag, it can reach 4.4kg. To facilitate this, it has a padded shoulder strap and its handle has an ergonomic design.

The shredding function of the leaves after vacuuming is effective, although a little too noisy. And, as in many of the options, the cable is short: about 50cm, so we must get an extension cord.

Otherwise, it is a robust, powerful and versatile option. It is relatively quiet during use (except in the crushing part), light and easy to handle.

Einhell GE-CLbest leaf blowers

If we are looking for a cordless leaf blower, Einhell has this excellent value for money model.

It is very powerful when it comes to blowing. This, together with the lack of cables, makes it super easy to handle and quick to use. Being able to collect leaves from a large garden in a few minutes. Also, it is extremely light (2kg), which contributes to carrying out the work extremely quickly.

Now, the autonomy of this machine is 15 “long” minutes. Although a 100m2 garden can clean it in less time. We must take it into account to ensure that it will meet our expectations.

Still, the brand provides replacement batteries of around $ 70. With them, autonomy can be extended for a few minutes. However, we recommend that to clean wider spaces we opt for other models.

We can see the battery level of the blower thanks to its LED indicator. Once the battery is exhausted, it will take a maximum of 30 minutes to complete again.

For relatively small gardens it is a perfect choice: manageable, lightweight, cordless and at a good price.

Timbertechbest leaf blowers

Timbertech offers us this model that is among the best leaf blowers of 2019.

It is a gasoline blower, vacuum cleaner, and crusher, which is why it stands out for its great power and efficiency in the largest spaces.

Timbertech is heavy, weighing 6kg, so we do not recommend it for small spaces since it would be like “killing flies with cannon shots.” To lighten the load, it has 2 support wheels.

It does not have any type of cables, making it comfortable to use even in the largest spaces. Despite its weight, the device itself is neither large nor difficult to handle.

The collection bag is 35 liters. Perhaps one of the drawbacks of this model since it does not have a crusher to optimize space well.

This option is good as long as we want to clean a large space (more than 300m2) or when we use it at a semi-professional level. If this is our case, it is one of the most powerful with good value for money.

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