Beautiful winter wedding dresses to shine despite the cold!

 Beautiful winter wedding dresses to shine despite the cold!

Will you get married in the coldest season, surrounded by the magical silence of nature at rest with melancholy but serene landscapes? The 2020 wedding dress collections, they thought of you too! In fact, before deciding which of the hottest bridal hairstyles might suit your winter look. And send wedding invitations to your guests, the first thought. When you chose the date, went straight to the dress!

Today we offer some beautiful winter wedding dresses for a wonderful bridal bouquet.

Get married in winter Beautiful winter wedding dresses to shine despite the cold!

Despite the low temperatures and the shorter days, winter for many has that something enchanted. And, for those who do not like the excesses of color. And the “noise” of the vispa estate, preferring instead the magical silence of nature at rest waiting to be reborn, seems to be the perfect season to celebrate the wedding! Of course, for those who decide to get married this season, the precautions to be taken are different compared to those who, as usual, get married in the spring or summer, especially with regard to the look of the bride, but this is not necessarily a matter of renunciation.

Necklines? No giving up, there are accessories! Beautiful winter wedding dresses to shine despite the cold!

For all those who do not want to deprive themselves of open necklines and backs, the trick will be to add an accessory to the dress: jackets, shawls, stoles, boleros, and coats. If you choose a dress of this type, the shoe will preferably be closed but may have valuable applications. And nothing to envy of summer jeweled sandals. You could think of shoes in the shape of ankle boots. With lace embroidery for a retro-style: perfect if you were thinking of showing off a vintage wedding dress with a winter look.

It should also be remembered that a delicate bolero can solve many situations. (such as covering the shoulders in the church). And giving a slight sensation of extra warmth, perfectly completing a low-cut dress with a voluminous skirt.

The timeless charm of long sleeves Beautiful winter wedding dresses to shine despite the cold!

A dress with long sleeves is particularly suitable for the season. And style you want to give to a winter wedding. Dress whose “chastity” is often mitigated by the transparency given by the lace fretwork on the sleeves or on the whole bustier. For an evening wedding, there is no lack of particularly elegant and “luxury” proposals developed in wedding dresses embellished with beads and sequins: perfect to shine in a magical evening!

Wonderful solutions with long sleeves also come from the catalog of Pronovias wedding dresses where you can find clothes suitable for every type of silhouette. Seductive and romantic with precious workmanships in Chantilly lace and wide skirts in tulle. As well as dresses made of silk crêpe for those looking for simple clothes but original i.

For those who do not like to cover their shoulders and arms too much. The mantilla veil can become a precious ally to cover the shoulders without giving up. That sexy and seductive air that many brides love to incorporate into their wedding look.

The necklines covered by the veil in lace or embroidery never come out of trend. And are particularly suitable for slipped dresses.

Gloves and bouquets: the bride in winter is chic!

As for the rest of the bride’s accessories, the bouquet will have the grace of winter blooms, such as tulips and calla lilies that you can find in different shades such as ivory, orange and red, perfect colors for decorations Winter.

The glove, more or less long, although coupled with a low-cut dress, is a guarantee of a winter look and an indication of extreme elegance. In addition, the gloves are also well suited to short wedding dresses, equally suitable for winter weddings. However, if you opt for a short or medium-length dress. It will be more appropriate for the season to wear long sleeves so as not to be overly exposed or “out of context”.

Civil marriage wedding dresses in winter Beautiful winter wedding dresses to shine despite the cold!

Often those who get married to a civil ceremony choose to do it in winter. This, against all expectations, actually offers even more choices. Among the proposals of winter wedding looks, in addition to wonderful creations of “traditional” clothes. We also find “alternative” and very chic models, equally elegant and not necessarily more essential, represented by the “suit” option consisting of two pieces: a further perfect solution not only for a modern and seductive bride of a civil wedding but also for a second wedding.

In the gallery of the article, you will find models of every type but remember. Even if you get married in winter no decision should be taken “cold”. Once you have chosen and tried on the dress, immediately think of the most suitable wedding shoes. And ask your florist to prepare you for a wonderful bouquet of winter flowers! And for make-up? Inspired by cold tones and smokey eyes for a bridal make-up that will delight partners and guests.

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