B The Beginning Season 2

B The Beginning Season 2 Confirmed

Do you remember that supernatural investigation that kept more than one of the public aware of each event? B The Beginning was an anime that I sponsored and managed to raise a large number of anime-loving fans.

And it is that B: The Beginning was a whole series that impressed more than one of the public; For a while, different internet pages recommended that you watch the first full season since you wouldn’t regret it.

A few hours ago in an important event such as the Annecy International Festival of Animated Film, Netflix confirmed to everyone that it gave the green light for the second season of this anime to arrive.

B: The Beginning will have a chance to be reborn again by Production IG, who previously managed to do a spectacular job with the first season.

The same directors will return and also the main voices have already been confirmed; the vast majority of production is on track for the start of the second season. This keeps many anime fans excited.

And what is the context with which B: The Beginning attracts us?B The Beginning Season 2

In a city where technology has advanced drastically, we come across a police investigation where they try to catch a murderer of murderers or sadists named ” B”.

For this they will hire the famous investigator Keith, who is strange enough to try to carry on a conversation; however, he is considered a genius for being able to see beyond situations that others cannot.

When I first started the anime, many of us believed that we would only observe a mystery story; But when the supernatural and fantasy were included, it was that ¨ I don’t know what ¨ that was able to complement the anime drama.

In addition, the characters become very dear to the same audience.

And knowing all this; there are some of us who wonder what this second season will tell us.

Since the end of the first was very close, they did not leave any clue outside and gave the hint that everything is in harmony.

But perhaps this is the opportunity to show that a new evil can arise. No release date yet and no further details, we will have to wait for more information. Let us know that you think a second season is coming.

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