7-seater cars

7-seater cars: advantages and disadvantages

7-seater cars are becoming more common. Discover with Goodyear the types that exist as well as their characteristics.

The 7-seater cars have ceased to be exceptional and their implementation in the market has increased in recent months. The families with young children are in this type of car the solution to your lack of space when moving … but they are not the only ones; those who travel with a lot of luggage or with friends also resort to this option to have an extra site. Discover with Goodyear the different types of 7-seater cars and their advantages and disadvantages.

Types of cars with 7 seats

The automotive market has been updated to incorporate the 7-seater cars to its offer, expanding subcategories and benefits and not limiting itself to a single model. This translates into a multitude of formats that we would include in two categories: SUV and MPV. To them, we could add the vans and derivatives of industrial vehicles in which the solidity and durability are complemented with the comfort and equipment of a conventional tourism.

Minivan7-seater cars

They were the first to add the seven seats. Within them there are two main versions: the compact configuration 5 + 2 (with 5 seats has a large boot but with 7 barely room for luggage) and large MPVs with 7 real seats (in addition to the trunk).

SUV7-seater cars

This type of tourism halfway between the off-road and the conventional car has also incorporated into its designs the 7-seater version to offer an extra space without sacrificing the finishes and equipment of the SUV version.

Advantages of 7-seater cars

Among the main advantages of the 7-seater cars are:

Greater space for travelers: the interior space is greater than in a conventional car, so if you travel with small children will be more comfortable to have fewer limitations to place the safety seats. In addition, some models incorporate the Isofix system in all three seats, making them the perfect option for large families. In case of traveling with two babies, an adult can comfortably go between the two restraint systems.

Larger trunk 7-seater cars

one of its great features. The trunk of some models can have dimensions of up to 800-900 liters although the average ranges between 400-600. Keep in mind that the capacity varies depending on whether you have placed 5 or 7 seats; being able to go from 135 to 567 liters. This amplitude is very useful in case of traveling with pets or to store the wheelchair of people with reduced mobility.

Removable seats7-seater cars

The usual is that all seats are, with the exception of the front (in some models the only one that does not fold is the driver), so you will have a very large space if you need it for loads extra.


Some models can tow heavy loads, such as a trailer with bikes or a caravan.

Versatile: the ability to enable 2, 5, 6 or 7 seats and fold the seats makes them very versatile touring cars that adapt to different circumstances: from traveling with three babies and their corresponding luggage and strollers to be able to go on vacation with A group of friends without having to carry two cars.

Savings7-seater cars

Whether it is habitually or sporadically the transfer of seven people in a single vehicle will be more environmentally friendly than in two, in addition to the consequent savings in fuel, tolls, tire wear …


Price7-seater cars

To be more spacious cars and, as a general fact, with more power, its price is usually higher in the case of two equal models (between 500-1500 euros). However, this does not imply that a 7-seater is always more expensive since it depends on the type of engine, fuel, qualities, and equipment. That is to say, in the same model 7 places of basic version are more economical than 5 places premium design.

Consumption7-seater cars

Related to the previous question. On average it is higher although some models do not exceed a consumption of 5l / 100 km. The weight, size, and aerodynamics will mark the differences.

More difficult to park

The extra dimensions of the 7 seats make parking more complicated, especially in the case of cities and parking spaces with reduced parking spaces. The minimum length does not usually fall below 4.4 meters exceeding in some models the five meters. This issue must also be taken into account with respect to the parking space: its non-standard measures means that in some cases they do not enter or have to do so by folding the rear-view mirrors, with the consequent problems in order to be able to get off / board the tourist.

Places not suitable for adults7-seater cars

That a car is approved as 7 places does not mean that it has the capacity for seven adults. In some models, the two auxiliary seats are only suitable for children because of their small size.

Auxiliary spaces not included7-seater cars

If you plan to buy a car of this type for the possibility of having extra seats (and not for space and/or trunk) you should know that seats are not always incorporated as standard, ie; they must be purchased from the budget outside the base. The advantage is that you can buy only one seat if the six seats cover your needs.

Classification as industrial

It is exceptional but some 7 places are registered as industrial. This has tax advantages but other disadvantages, such as passing the ITV  more frequently and speed limits (90km / h).

The segment of the 7 seats is booming within the automotive sector. This type of vehicle has ceased to be something residual. And exclusive of a family type to become the ideal option to travel comfortably and space for suitcases.

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