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10 legendary movies from the 70s that you can watch on Netflix, HBO and Prime Video

In the 70s, movies were released that today we consider essential in the history of cinema. Fortunately, you can find many of them on Netflix, HBO, and Prime Video. We are going to show you 10 of the most legendary movies.

We always think of the 80s, but in the 70s the cinema reached some of its highest levels. It was a decade where war, horror or historical cinema had great works and in which some of the directors who today are considered indisputable classics stood out. So we think it’s important to select 10 legendary movies from the 70s that you may like.

In our selection of 10 movies we have chosen very different genres so that you can find a movie that you like, and all of them can be found on Netflix, HBO or Prime Video so that you have them on hand if you want to enjoy them right now.

The legendary movies

The Godfatherlegendary movies

When discussing the best movie ever, The Godfather is always in the debate. It is difficult to explain why the great work of Francis Ford Coppola works with such a level of perfection. Is it history? Are they great performances? Maybe the characters’ passions and ambitions? It’s hard to understand how a nearly three-hour movie about the mafia has dazzled all subsequent generations, but no one can dispute its quality. If you haven’t seen The Godfather, reserve an afternoon, because it’s time to do it.

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Title: The Godfather

Release date: 1972

Duration: 175 minutes

Platforms: Netflix and Prime Video

The Godfather. Part IIlegendary movies

If someone tells you that all the sequels are bad, it is because they have not seen The Godfather. Part II , which is another masterpiece of film history. With a different tone to the first part, it follows the Corleone family’s history with much of the cast of the original, although without Marlon Brando. The duel of interpretations seen between Al Pacino and Robert de Niro shows some mythical moments of the seventh art. As with the original, the sequel is part of the history of cinema that you must see yes or yes.

Title: The Godfather. Part II (The Godfather: Part II)
Release date: 1974
Duration: 200 minutes
Platform: Netflix


The movie that made you want to take a dip on the beach. In 1975 Steven Spielberg shot one of his best-known films: Shark. The synopsis is known to all, but it is not always remembered that the protagonists decide to take a boat to go and kill the great Ttburón who threatens the coast and who, really, is much more terrifying than can be expected. It is not necessary to think that it is only a movie about a shark, also (like Moby Dick) it talks about obsessions and it is an incomparable sample on how to create suspense.

Title: Shark (Jaws)

Release date: 1975

Duration: 124 minutes

Platforms: Netflix and Prime Video

Apocalypse nowlegendary movies

” I like the smell of napalm in the morning “, surely you have heard that phrase sometimes. This decade was that of Francis Ford Coppola and is the third time it appears on the list, but it is not for less. Undoubtedly one of the most important war movies in the history of cinema, although it causes such polarized opinions. The filming was absolute chaos and there is a documentary about the experiences that may interest you. For history, there are some of the great moments that are shown and the interpretations of Martin Sheen and Marlon Brando.

Title: Apocalypse Now

Release date: 1979

Duration: 153 minutes

Platform: Prime Video

Rockylegendary movies

The Oscars awarded for best film and directing in 1976 went to Rocky, a film that despite its simplicity managed to please viewers. Maybe it’s because of his narrative sincerity or Stallone’s portrayal, but there is a certain magic to Rocky that beats most sports-themed movies. Rocky talks about boxing, but also about sacrifice and willpower. Without a doubt, a perfect movie to motivate anyone.

Title: Rocky

Release date: 1976

Duration: 119 minutes

Platform: HBO

Greaselegendary movies

We must not forget the musical genre that still continues to triumph in our times. Without the epic of some movies from the 50s or 60s, in Grease, you can find a movie where simplicity is its greatest virtue along with the performances and songs. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John were the apparently impossible couple who managed to hypnotize everyone in 1978 with their dances. Surely you want to see it again.

Title: Grease

Release date: 1978

Duration: 110 minutes

Platform: HBO

The Texas Chainsaw Massacrelegendary movies

We move into a totally different genre and get closer to one of the scariest families that can be found in horror movies. Five teenagers travel through the interior of the United States until they find locals next to a slaughterhouse who is not very … welcoming. Despite the time that has passed, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre continues to cause the same sensation and surprise throughout the entire movie and the last scene is one of the most chilling moments in memory. If you have a strong stomach, we recommend it.

Title: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Release date: 1974

Duration: 83 minutes

Platform: Prime Video

Brian’s life

The best way to honor the late Terry Jones is by watching one of his best-known movies. Because who hasn’t seen Brian’s life? We all have our favorite moment from this movie that you can’t watch without laughing at least a few times. His particular version of the life of Jesus Christ and the Catholic religion may not appeal to everyone, but he tells it all with such grace that it is worth seeing whatever your ideas are.

Title: Brian’s Life (Monty Python’s Life of Brian)

Release date: 1979

Duration: 93 minutes

Platform: Netflix


Long before current fashion, even before Tim Burton brought Batman to life, we can find one of the superhero movies that best suited the original comic book to film. The Superman played by Christopher Reeve is a joy that must be seen in context to understand how all subsequent cinema marked. Its sequels are not so interesting, but the original Superman is an essential work for all fans of this genre.

Title: Superman (Superman: The Movie)

Release date: 1978

Duration: 143 minutes

Platform: HBO

Novecento (1900)

One of the most ambitious films of the decade came from the direction of the incomparable director Bernardo Bertolucci. Here the 20th century of Italy is reviewed with a very activist story that tells the different political movements that were lived from the point of view of two characters played in a unique way by Gérard Depardieu and Robert De Niro. If you want to see high-quality cinema, here you have Novecento, but you will have to take a few hours to see it in one go.

Title: Novecento (1900)

Release date: 1976

Duration: 314 minutes

Platform: Prime Video

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